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strong women



I wish I was a strong woman.


Women who get things done. I've always admired them and for a little while in my

life I was strong, but since my stroke I'm afraid I can't do things I used to do.


Just like my speech and aphasia, I lost my power and depend too much on others.


I really admire jriva and hostsue as strong women. There are others on the boards I admire,

too many to name.


If I traded places with my husband and it was he who had the stroke I'd like to think I

would be a strong advocate and caregiver to him.


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hey slmstrokeangel:


I myself think I suit perfectly well to handle stroke survivor title, I can carry that title with grace but role of caregiver I think I might not be very suitable for, so I like to believe God knows what he was doing.


you are great survivor, I have had more pity parties than you ever had on this board.



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You know what, Asha, I never thought I'd be a good caregiver either. I think many of surprise ourselves when we look back at how far we've come as caregivers...just like survivors progress, so do we in our coping and caring skills.


Sharon, thanks for the compliment! You ARE a strong woman, too. Look what all you've dealt with since your stroke. We can be strong and still need other people in our lives to help from time to time.



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