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my heavy heart



Did I tell you the news about my heart?


The mitral and aortic valves are leaking and the aorta is almost filled with plaque. My husband told me there was a piece of calcified stuff hanging on by a thread and moving as my heartbeat.


The doctor told him it would go to my legs instead of my brain if it broke off. This was from the TEE


Two deacons and the pastor prayed over me before the catheterization and when the cardiologist was

finished he came into the room looking a little shellshocked My heart wasn't as bad as he previously thought and it could be controlled by meds.


My husband and the pastor immediately started saying the word, "Miracle" but if God cured me why didn't he go ahead and cure me of all my ailments. I'm very confused and my heart still hurts when I do anything.


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