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My Friend Linda



I have to remember my family and friends care about me, and when they can't reach me, they get worried. I have a friend, Linda, who lives in Minnesota, that got concerned this week when I didn't respond quickly enough to a phone message and an email she sent. Being that I live in California, she just couldn't pop over.


As I mentioned in my previous blog, I kind of took a two day nap after Christmas. My body needed the rest, and so I wasn't online and I turned off my phone. Everybody reaches me by my cell phone. My home phone is for online purposes only, and there is no phone with an active ringer attached. (I got fed up with telemarketers. No more problems).


Linda was trying to call my friends out here to see if I was doing OK, and had some wrong phone numbers of the same. She was getting ready to attempt to call the hospitals here, when I woke up from my nap and left her a message. Needless to say, when we did talk, I was in trouble. She is such a sweet lady, and I felt very bad about her not being able to reach me. I did tease her a bit and was addressing her as "Mommy," but I appreciated her concern for me. She now has all the important phone numbers of my friends here, and of my sister in Virginia.


Living alone has its advantages, but its drawbacks too. If something should happen, there is nobody around immediately for help. I live in an apartment complex, and everybody keeps to themselves. My friends check in with me throughout the week; a phone call or email usually, but not everyday.


I am fairly healthy. I have pain from my stroke and CPS, and of course my right sided paralysis, a little fatigue at times too, but no HBP, diabetes, cholesterol issues or anything else. My biggest fear is probably falling and hitting my head. I've had a few falls, as I am sure most stroke survivors have, but nothing serious to this point in time.


I now know I need to keep myself available to my family and friends. I would not like to make any of them concerned for me when it is needless. The phone stays on, and I'll be sure to respond to messages much more quickly now. As for Linda, I got my scolding :bop: , and will be sure to keep in constant touch.


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It's good to have friends who care even if that care comes in the form of a scolding occassionally. I did a post a while back on having an emergency plan and that is important too. So your friends know what is to happen if something goes wrong you could send them a copy too.


It includes who will be your power of attorney, who is responsible for keeping people updated etc. You probably have an idea of how this happened when you stroked so you can base it on that.


Glad you are feeling better now and ready to keep in touch with your friends. Maybe you need to work on making a friend in your building too who would be willing to accept a call from Linda and knock on your door if it happens again.



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you are lucky to have people who still care about you, so have to make sure you keep communication lines open, and have emergency situation planned out, I always wonder about people living alone as real threat if something happens, nobody finds out for days. in the begining months after my stroke I used to keep cell phone on my neck at all times, so in case I fall or something I can call someone right away.




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You know, the management team in the complex used to check in on me everyday, however, they decided to move to Phoenix to be near their son, and I lost my daily contact. I do have my sister as a primary on my health directive, and a secondary here in Sacramento in some good friends because my sister lives so far away.


I do keep the phone near me constantly, but I just need to remember to leave it on. Thanks for your suggestions. I do need to think about this a bit more to make things work in case something does happen.



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