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Old Pictures



I am sitting here, checking out the latest posts, chiming in on some, listening to talk radio and having a cup of coffee. I guess you might call it multi-tasking, but on a fun level.


I find that listening to streaming audio on the web is enjoyable. You get to hear about what is happening in other areas of the country or the world. I am currently listening to radio out of Minneapolis. Living in a somewhat progressive state, California, the program that I am now listening to and the host, are somewhat "redneck" in nature. Being a closet "redneck" myself, I find that this host is trying to start an argument, just for the sake of the argument, and that I am becoming opposed to his point, just because he is being jerk. I keep listening anyway. Glutton for punishment, maybe? Without going into detail, the host has a point. It is all about how he is going about it.


Anyway, on to what I had intended to write about. I spent many hours this week going through my father's old slides. I scanned a slew full into the computer. I had shots of my parents at their wedding, honeymoon and the early years of their marriage. There were baby pictures of my sister and lots of pictures of our camping trips as a family. I had forgotten about so much of those trips, and it was fun reminiscing. We had trips to Yosemite, Lassen, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. He had taken shots of the old firefall they used to have at Yosemite. What a spectacular sight that was. They stopped doing it in the late 1960's, probably for fire and environmental concerns. It sure was a neat thing to see.


My sister wanted to see the pictures, so loading them into the computer gave me a chance to send them along to her. I have more scanning to do, and hopefully will complete the task soon. It is too bad many of the slides were of poor quality, due to the taker or to years of degradation. Nevertheless, there is history there, and it is pleasurable to go through.


One of my favorite shots, is of my mom rowing a rowboat. It must have been taken while on their honeymoon. She was a looker, and my dad definitely married up; no offense to my dad intended. He loved my mom very much, and would do anything for her. For her part, my dad was her world also.


There were Easter shots of my sister and me over several years while we were young. To see the progression in age and looks over time was too much. There was this one shot of me in this little red sport coat. Oh my...


I have to keep looking around for more slides and pictures. I know there are more around here somewhere. I have to get these organized, so I can pass them along to my kids. I am sure they will enjoy them as much as I do.


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I'm jealous that you've been doing the project I keep putting on my New Year's Resolution list each year. What kind of special software or equipment do you need to scan slides to a computer? Is it an expensive venture? I think it's great that you're sharing the pictures with your sister. Family history should be shared with as many as possible so that some copies might survive when someone down the road takes an interest again.


Don used to be a pretty good photographer before his stroke but most of his work is on slides. Our projector got accidentally put in one of our auctions when we downsized.





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I love what you are doing! Preserving the past! Keep up the good work. Your children or their children will thank you. I have been the photo historian in our family. I'm addicted to it!


I'm also sitting here with a cup of coffee, a big chunk of freshly made banana bread after having gone through quite a few videos, marking and organizing them. It's an enjoyable task for me, as I love watching them while I do it!



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