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1 More Week To Go...



Next week is my last of physio already, unless I calculated wrong. Not as expected though very worthwhile. To sum up, speech is improved and I will be referred for an artificial soft pallette. Remember I said it closes off the nose and mine doesn't work properly? My speech is very nasal as a result of air escaping down my nose. I've take a bed length walk with help, ya boo sucks to horrible first rehab who said I'd never leave my wheelchair, never accepted that verdict. They corrected my right ankle position, it splayed out so my knee collapsed in pain in standing, hardly a desirable thing! Absolutely essential we did sort that so I stand more readily. Excitingly I learned today Ross doesn't help me from the commode to standing, its all my own leg work. As its quite easy I assumed Ross helped, I'm delighted. Rehab made me a better handbrace which I broke tonight, ooops. Plus that affected arm is looser and moves more. Final rehab achievement is my paint from the doors and doorframes!


Christmas began on a sad note. The 10 year old girl I follow lost her 2 year brave battle against lesions, they finally attached to her lungs and proved too much, they were on her brain with devastating results. Puts everything in perspective. Very inspiring, the whole family. Christmas Day was made by my 12 year old gushing all day about his new rollerblades but by Wednesday he had plans to improve them! Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas.


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I love reading your updates, you have your biggest cheerleader in US, I get so inspired by your blogs and your attitude towards your recovery. I am so glad for all gains, they all add up and make life easy for you and Ross. so now with speech improving Ross will have to arguments with you, and not your speech board anymore.




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So sorry to hear about the girl you mentioned. My dympathies go out to her family & friends.


Glad to hear that you are doing well & that things are improving. It's always nice to find out that you've done something you didn't know you could do.


I bought my 7 year old roller skates for Christmas too (or at least Father Christmas brought them). She hasn't been out on them too much - she's a bit of a woose to put it midly unlike my 4 year old who's used her Dora the Explorer ones all over the hosue.


Hope they're able to fix your brace soon.


Sarah Snow

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