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Home Again



Got home late afternoon yesterday english time. Have stood a few times just using my legs this week but from a high wheelchair or similar. Very very happy, standing myself from my wheelchair was a goal my private physio set. Ross offered help which I declined; my motto is try myself, try, try again then if hopelessly stuck get help. We won't improve by being lazy will we? Equally accepting help is not failure, merely a delayed success so I try not to be too downhearted if I do need help.

Had a little argument this week with a lift (elevator in Usa I think) door and my wheelchair lost. Damaged the arm a bit and worked the batteries loose. Ross could fix the batteries but not the vinyl ripped off the arm rest! Mum asked how soon after I left rehab do the carpenters and decorators arrive?

Was surprised to find I felt a bit sad leaving rehab. There were a few characters, like the noisy patient and 1 whose illness made him a complete grump complaining at the drop of a hat ("this unit should be renamed the Tv Unit" he sulked on Thursday, he liked to listen to his cd on his headphones next to the tv not his bed. Nope, never made sense to me either). Can honestly say all staff were helpful and friendly, had many laughs with them. Not just been abandoned as I was first time. Rehab are sending an out patient appointment in the post and will stay in touch. I know that's true as I saw a former patient back for physio just yesterday.

What a dreary day. Grey, dark and raining. No marathons for me today, oh blow! Ross took our youngest out shopping, I guess 2 drowned rats will return! Glad I'm in the warm and dry. As the terminator says, I'll be back.


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hey Diane:


one more time so happy for your progress, I love your attitude about your recovery, with these attitude things going to get easy, I don't think you need any encouragement from me, you are the one providing inspiration to us.




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Hi Diane, glad you made progress and had a much better result at rehab than the first time.


Good to try on your own, but also good to know when you need help.


Take care and keep up the great work.



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