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New Year's Eve



I'm going on the record.


I HATE New Year's Eve. I don't see it as looking back on a great year, I've always felt it was more of looking back on a year with regret.


And life is too short for regrets, as I've surely found out the last 1 1/2 since Rolly's stroke.


So to all of you, I wish you all a New Year filled with hope.



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I always thought to review the year was a mixed blessing, and I am sure it is for all of us. But to turn the page to a new year without reviewing the one just past would be to me missing an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and maybe resolve to do better in the future.


On the other hand the calendar is just a man-made device for accounting for the passing of time so when does the year "change" anyway? I guess it is up to each of us to do the review when the time is right for us. I just read back in some of your blogs and thought of the newborn and Granma photos, for some people a pictorial record of their life is a review anyway.


Blog us some more, I enjoy reading your bogs.


Sue. :chat:

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