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Surgery is looming on the horizon



The ENT did not have good news - or at least not immediate good news - will have to have major sinus and throat surgery in order to breathe better at night and to allow my new machine to assist me in that endeavor.

He's redoing sinus issues that I had worked on about 3 years ag - apparently the surgeon cleaned everything out but did not correc my deviated septum, nor did he take out the source of the original tumor!

So - I get another tBENIGN tumor removed - infection cleaned out - my septum broken and reset and the airways enlarged.

On top of thst, they will also remove my tonsils, clip my uvula and do some airway reconstruction at the back there as well.

The sleep study showed no slepp apnea, but rather a central apnea, indicating neuroloigical damage to the cerebellum (?) so when all is said and doneand the airway blockages removed and the implant places for the PAP machine to remind my brain to let me breathe at night - I will be in very good shape and sllep like like a baby ( a baby elephant that is - LOL - the nose covering with the tube coming off reminds me of an elephant :lol: )


Also have been diagnosed with RSD (or CRPS) as it is now called - so the pans in my left arm and side of my neck are nerve damage and will not go away - hello Neurontin! It's not working so we'e going to try other things



More later as I have it

Sending many blessings and good wishes to everyone - hope your new year is going well:)


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wow, by sound of your blog, is this minor surgery? or major one? my hubby also got pain in neck and arm right now, and it turns out to be herniated disc or bulging disc as they say it, and only treatment is pain management by acupuncture and PT,




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So sorry to hear of the sinus issues... YIKES.. get loads of your favorite popsicles in the freezer.


Well you sound like you will have some miserable weeks ahead, BUT then hopefully you will feel sooooo much better.


Know we are thinking of you and sending prayers, warm wishes and loads of ((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))) Bonnie

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Look at it this way Mel, once you've had the surgery, things will be so much better. You've just got to get over this obstacle in order for things to improve.

I will be thinking of you (you still owe me a vitual drink or chocolate in Chat!! :big_grin: )

2007 is going to be a great year for you. Do you know when they are going to do the surgery?


Take good care of yourself & make sure you are surrounded by people who will pamper you & provide for your every whim! :hahaha:



Sarah Snow

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