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My life sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I know that I posted about this in the stroke survivor forum but I just created this blog so I figured I would let more of my anger and frusteration at my situation out. I hate what has happened to me. I hate the fact that everyone believes I am not trying hard enough to "get better". I want to be "normal". I know normal is relevant but I didn't have a chance to be normal. Everything that I had has been stripped. I was a dancer, a diver, a nursing major, an ice skater. All of which, you need your feet for. I am so uncertain of my future. I have never been this unclear as to what my purpose in life was. I want to help others. But nobody takes you seriously when you can't even stand on YOUR OWN TWO FEET. Ok, thats enough for now. More will definately be added

later. blahblah1.gifuhm.gifuhm.gifuhm.gifuhm.gif


Becky from Chicago

...... yep, i signed my own blog


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We're here for you!


I know that can seem strange to hear considering I'm 2 states south of you.


There's an old saying, if you have time for remorse, then you have for prayer. It also can be that you should take time to look at alternatives. If you liked ice skating, then why not try ice sledging? It's a seat set on a pair of ice skates and is propelled by 2 sticks. Start swimming again. There's classes on swimming using only your arms.


Just a few suggestions. I truly hope your situation improves. I'm rooting for ya.




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Becky, If I had a magic wand I would make your stroke disappear. But since I do not have that mythical wand, I send you a hug to you from Waterloo, Iowa...straight west of Chicago. I'm sure there will be others from other states sending you a hug so you will be surrounded by hugs. pash.gif

I understand your innate need for independence, it's in the heart of all young adults. Your parents should be able to relate to that need, they probably grew up in the hippie era.

Do you have an Aunt or Uncle you could lean on for support emotionally.

Locally, there is an organization called Adults Inc. that's geared towards giving independence to persons who are developmentally delayed.(ie retarded....) NOW, don't misunderstand, I know you are definately not retarded, but I'm wondering if an organization like this might have insights to how you can gain your independence. There are agencies geared for that kind of help giving.

Maybe check with your pastor or someone who can guide you....like the social worker in your rehab facility. You don't have to swim upstream alone. silly.gif

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I know exactly how you feel, anything we loose at any age is hard, but you have to know in your heart that things won't be this way forever, we are in advance country things will change, i don't have to tell you this, but iFDR was 3 term president in his wheelchair, and I think USA benefitted a lot from him, he shaped whole USA, he won his presidency while he was struck by polio, he won election being in wheelchair. I know people doubt that whether you can do it while you are in wheelchair, but you have to prove them wrong, I read brooke ellison's book miracles happen she did her bachelors and masters in harvard, and now pursuing her phd in NY, and she suffered spinal cord injury when she was 12. yes life is tough sometimes and it sucks bug time, but when I found out that youare pursuing your bachelors in nursing I was impressed, I have done my masters in computer science but after my stroke I m realising that making millions is just enough, helping some indidual would give me great sense of pleasure than just millions, so once my driving is under belt, I would start pursuing someting in medical field.

so never give up, keep pursuing your dream and make urself and your family proud.


lots of hug and love


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Becky, stroke is frustrating for me 50% of the time but the other 50 I'm usually keeping myself extremely busy so I don't have time to think of it. I was already in my career when my stroke happened. I don't know about you but it can drive you crazy that you spent all the time to make yourself successful, you feel like you are suceeding, and everything is yanked away from you! I had everything going for me and then almost nothing!


I think you are lucky, in a way, that you did not have something like that happen to you. It's a shame to have everything going for you at 36 and then, boom, you've had a stroke. At the same time, I understand your dilemna. I have kids your age and they cannot get out of the house enough. It's natural to want to be out on your own.


I guess there is no perfect age for having a stroke. Stroke just sucks and I think that's what you are saying. I know of a scripture that gets me through my rough times and maybe it will help you, too! It makes perfect sense and if you can grasp it you will get through your rough times, I promise you!


So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2Cor 4:18

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