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Supposed to be break time



I know that usually ppl enjoy when they have time off from school but i am on my spring break this week and I really am want4ing to not be. i want to be out of the house and aways from my family. I guess I am way to comfortable spending time by myself and doing things the way that I want when I want. I use school as an escape, which is sorta sad. I make up reasons to go there and to stay. I even make up homework that I have to do. HOW SAD IS THAT?????? Oh well, atleast today was a little better then yesterday. Just keep myself busy i guess right????


Becky from Chicago

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hey becky!!!!!


i use work as an escape to get away from my family. i don't think it's sad. you just need some time to yourself!!!!!! some people enjoy their own company more than others, I happen to be one of those people!!!!


i'm glad that today is better than yesterday!!!!! i agree that keeing busy is good.


my best!!!!


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