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feeling better




my neurologist put me on a new medication, a mild tranquilizer, so between that and the anti-depressant i am on, i do feel better and am smiling again. thank god for drs. that know what the hell they are doing. had to go this week and get my afo fixed, i was starting to walk on the side of my affected foot. not a good thing for someone who has trouble walking to begin with. my brace didn't even fit me correctly anymore, dah. no wonder i was walking wrong. so i will have a new one in a few days, a prettier one now with a design on it. i chose purple butterflies, for fashion sake. i am getting ready for the wedding and looking forward to our arizona march get together. i hope everyone has a good week. kimmie



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Ray's AFO is just plain but it is new and it does fit well so he is pleased with it.


Kimmie glad you have found some medication that suits you and makes you happy again. It is so good to wake up and really feel alive on the good days.



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