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Good day, more good news




Was going to wait a few days for this, but can't. We are off to Duluth, MN tomorrow AM for the initial fitting for my Saeboflex. Also got approval from ins co for botox treatments, scheduled for sometime later this month (wife does scheduling, I just show up at the appointed time/place). Also got a new gizmo in today, a fingernail clipper with round ends like scissors. I can hold them with my affected hand and actually was able to clip my nails on my good hand with the left (bad) hand. One more job my over-enabling wife will not have to do anymore. Took me awhile, had to nibble my way across each nail but got it done. I want to develop the enabling caregiver thought in another entry later, maybe have some discussion about it then. Early to bed tonight, 5:30 comes early!



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