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Just thinking today




Well today is a pretty good day. I just sat around watching movies and resting. This is good.


I also told myself I need to read what I write in my blog, because I read what I wrote and all I can say is oh



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While reading your blog one point came to mind and that is the term stroke SURVIVOR We all refer to ourselves as survivors because we are surviving and living our lives in whatever way we can on a daily basis.

The alternative term would be to call ourselves stroke Victim. Now in rehab the difference in terminology as it was explained to me is that as a survivor, I am able to live my life. As a victim I'd be laying in a bed, unable to do much of anything.

The same can be said of how we see ourselves, we can see ourselves as differently abled or we can buy into the mindset that we are victoms and life is over. I prefer to see and live life differently, my life is all I make of it. You are on the right track, thinking on all these things.

Good luck on your journey and choose to think of yourself as a survivor. You can define survivor in many ways.


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Writing and replying to blogs is indeed therapeutic. I can see a positive progression in your blogging - :wtg: . They all won't be all positive and smiley as that is not realistic. However, the therapy part of it lies in being able to see the upside (even through humor) of what our lives are versus the alternative.


Frankly, since I've never been much of a gardner, I wouldn't be "pushing up daisies", I'd be fertilizing WEEDS.


Take care and remember to S-M-I-L-E :D

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hey Amy:


I am so glad you started blogging your internal thoughts, you are on right track. I remember me initially blogging to make just one person get courage and humor from my blog, and next thing I found out how immensely it helped in my own acceptance journey, coming in terms to love newme and start living and enjoying life to the best of yourability, and that is the true nature of us human being



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I am glad to hear that you are getting better! I know that everyday isn't going to be perfect, but that is normal. Blogging is the best therapy I found. I just get out everything that is bothering me, people encourage me, and voila...I feel better!



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Dear Amy-- great Blog. I am glad you are challenging yourself to be positive. It truly is easier than being negative. Have a Great Day. Take Care. LK
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