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progress report/subluxated shoulder/shanghai




yesterday i and my tuina doctor were happy to see wrist rotation beginning!!!!...all the progress i'm making is coming slowly but it is coming...we've seen micromovements with finger extention but nothing to type home about yet...i'm concerned about my subluxated shoulder...it looks like 1 1/2 fingers...i wear my sling often... anyone out there who's had one have any words of encouragement??...there's no pain or tightening...it just looks so awful...my biceps and triceps are firing and strengthening...:)...i'm back in the gym twice a day after going thru a little lazy spell...wonderful news is i've got a pass to go to shanghai for 6 days...woo hoo!...i leave early tomorrow morning...flying there and back...man i need a break from the routine especially since i've signed on for two additional months...a friend who has completed his treatment here is coming with me along with my helpful helper...it's moving towards much warmer weather now!...i've shared with others here about my stem cell therapy...a few are very interested and are contacting peter sidorenko to pursue it...he is now operating independently from scti and is continuing to provide the best line of cells with the best applications... now at a lower price!...he can be contacted at: peter.stemcellhope@yahoo.com

i'm out of here for a recharge in a big sophisticated cosmopolitan city...does my nyc soul good just thinking about it!...:)



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I have a subluxated shoulder and I have seen some improvement since I started working with the Saeboflex. Also, I have my arm stimmed twice a week which seems to get the muscles moving.



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I had what was determined to be bursitis. There was no separation or tear just an overextension when I fell as I stroked. I think? cause I don't really remember. I didn't start getting the "good' recovery in my hand and fingers until after nine months out as my shoulder healed and ROM returned . One physiatrist I visited a couple of times told me that recovery flows from the shoulder to the hand. who knows?

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