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Just another day



Yet another day of thinking. I went to church today and that was good, but I also wore a pair of earrings, mine you this is something I haven


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hey Amy:


this is wonderful news, it took me close to 2 years before venturing into watching movis though my taste have changed, no longer I like chickflicks, I like dramas now. congratulations on your steady progress in accepting new you.





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Congratulations on becoming more acquainted with the new Amy. Getting spruced up and enjoying it is a great and brave step. Glad to hear you're getting caught up on movies too.

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Baby steps.. and it feels good. I have trouble remembering some things also. I used post it notes for a long time (still do ..just not as many) I used to tease the dogs. that they were lucky they didn't have post it notes stuck on them... "fed" or out to potty at


It does feel good to put in earrings and have your hair look good. I got mine cut and a new perm a couple weeks ago..



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Way to go Amy Things are really sounding like they are looking up.. It's nice to care again how one looks and grooms themself..I have always tried to make that a part of our lives,but since hubby had his stroke he has gotten a bit more lax, however now he is growing a goatee and is pretty much aware of the style. He now has to keep it groomed and is trying to style it.. Should be an interesting development in the process of recovery... My motto is when you look good, you feel good, though at times it is not always possible to feel good either..I love to dress up and try and keep up with the styles to and extent, so if they make me look good I will buy them..We do not have a big selection here a it is a small city, therefore one has to go shopping more often, but that's OK too :giggle: :giggle: Keep your chin up and keep dressing up ...Up, up and away...

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