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Getting Better or am I







Why is it that I stop doing my exercises because I feel a bit better. My exercises are not hard and I have time to do them but I don



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Like anything else - if you don't use it, you lose it. I think, I lnow I've done this, looked at my recovery like I look at antibiotics. The doc presscribes them to be taken over a 10 ten day period. Yet, as soon as I feel a smidge better, it's a "chore" to take the remainder.


Maybe you just need a "boost" so......................................................

:cheer: :cheer: GO G-O GO AMY GO!! :cheer: :cheer:


Hope you get into a routine.

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One of the reasons I blog is because when I tell the blog world I am going to do something, then I feel compelled to do it. Keeps me motivated. Try finging a friend you can call or talk to and set goals with them. I do it everyday with my friend "Mike".

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Guest lwisman


One way to increase your motivation is to trying other types of exercise beside what was given you in therapy. I am guessing those are the exercises you are pointing to.


I go out every morning and take a walk. Also I use the exercise bike. Another thing I have tried is water aerobics. Most Y's and park districts offer classes for those with arthritis. These exercises are great for stroke survivors. Many on this network have also joined gyms.


Keep doing the exercises given to you, but add other things. Maybe alternate the type of exercise.


Exercising is key to keep me going. I feel better and it keeps my muscles working.

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Dear Amy--A kindred spirit. I am the same way. I know my life has changed so that I must exercise everyday. Some days I feel I can skip the exercises but then I ended up paying. I have set my goals for the next couple of weeks to walk (1) mile, either to the gym or to the library (.5 one way to each destination) and to do my squats everyday. I walk on the treadmill everyday but some days I slack off on the time and shorten it.


I am my own worst enemy. My goal for everyday is to go to bed at night dog tired. I do that most days. Take Care. LK



PS: I can't walk a mile everyday, I didn't mean that. Once every (3) days, maybe.

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Hi Amy,


I agree with George, in that when you commit to doing something, and then tell others that you are committed, then somehow you are committed, and you get the task done.


I suffer from the same dilemma at times. I know what's best for me, and then hear a little voice in me saying; "Oh, you don't need to do that." Usually, I quash that little voice, and move on, but sometimes it gets me. Then my conscience kicks in, and I feel guilty. That's usually enough to get me off my rear and get moving. I hate feeling guilty.


Kudos to you on your decision to do your exercises as you should.



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