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New dog, new challenge




We have decided to get a springer spaniel puppy. I grew up with a spaniel and would love to have one to walk with us in the woods. We found a breeder in MN we feel good about. He has two pups we are interested in. As always, Lesley prefers one and I prefer the other. We invited our neighbor lady over last night for a meal and movie. We showed her the pics and she naturally preferred the one Lesley likes. I then employed a man's favorite two words "yes dear". Either one will get us out of the house more and help us be more active, as spaniels require lots of exercise. Sorta sounds like me. Anyway probably have it in a month or so. Will try to post a pic when we get it.


Want to pick up on a topic hostsue started on her blog about well meaning friends. We are facing a similar situation with mom in New Zealand. She is 84, in good health, but a widow. Lesley is an only child. Ultimately, her care if needed will be our responsibility. If we had to put her in a nursing home in New Zealand, that would be devastating for all concerned. Thus, we have started the process to get her over here in MN as a legal alien permanent resident. Homeland security has approved her as Lesley is an American citizen and can sponsor her. We are now in the final stages of the process. Mom would prefer to stay in NZ, and have the one son of Lesley with his two lovely daughters live with her until she dies. They have moved out, she didn't like it, but he has a life too. A new lady has entered his life and being on his own became important to him. Anyway, now that you know the story you will appreciate this part. The same people that caution us to not move her away from what she knows and likes, these are the same people that would criticize us if we had to put her in a nursing home in NZ alone. They would then tell us how terrible we are. We understand the point, but like the other possibilities less. Until a person has walked in your shoes and knows the entire story, I don't place much stock in what they say. We must bring her over once she passes her medical exam within six months. We must do all of this while she can still pass a medical exam. If we wait and her medical condition deteriorates, we will have no options left.


Hostsue, do what is best for you and Ray.


My coffee cup is empty again and Lesley just got up, so I must go.



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Congrats on the new puppy, makes me want to adopt again, thankfully we have a 2 dog by-law or...


Have you considered getting both? Mom and Dad decided to get a puppy and in the end got two (brother and sister). It was more work training but in the long run it turned out to be the best decision for them. When Dad got sick the two dogs had each other for company when they were alone which was quite often at that time. Mom can leave them outside and they play with each other and don't get bored. Now that Dad has passed away Mom has two buddies that keep her company. Just an idea to consider.


Kind regards,


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people will say both ways, I have seen some, so do what you think is right for your family, do these because you want to, cause this could be turn out to be as thankless job.




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Congrats on the new puppy. I like the idea of getting both pups like Dickons said. It all hinges, of course, if you and Lesley are up to adopting 2 "children". The buddy system is full of advantages as well as disadvantages.


With regard to Mom in New Zealand. You well know the old saying, "Da--ed if you do, Da--ed if you don't"; only you, Lesley, and Mom can decide what is best for all concerned.



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Guest lwisman


We went through a somewhat similar decision when our Mother was showing profound Alzheimer's symptoms. We decided to move her close to my sister. It was only 300 miles and in the same country, nothing like your problem of distance and country change.


It was the right decision to move her. We found it critical to have someone close to her who could monitor the nursing home situation. She was in a good one, but we were convinced she got better care because my sister could and did drop in at odd times. They knew someone was watching when Mom could not. She was very angry when the decision was first made. It worked out for the best.


Do what is best for your Mom and your family.


Congrats on the puppy. Aren't pets great?

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