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Active Release Therapy



I have already started a topic on this, but this is important. Anything that helps us get better needs to be told. Today we went to Thunder Bay, Canada for my first Active Release therapy. It immediately increased my range of motion for my left arm. It is not without discomfort. The therapist told me because we had come so far (75 miles) and were paying ourselves and he noticed I am pretty pain tolerant, he would do more than usual on the first treatment. He actually gave me only two new exercises to do. He told me that most of my improvement would come from the time in his office. It is not OT or PT or myofacia release or anything like a message. Obviously I don't know if it works for anyone else, but it might just be worth a try. Go to www.activerelease.com to find a provider near you. My search continues, and I am more convinced than ever that each treatment has it's limits and when they are reached, time to move on. I shall continue to do so.


Another treatment I have mentioned previously is the Graston technique. www.grastontechnique.com. The OT in Duluth did it on my hand and shoulder. It helped. I watched her do it on my hand, no reason I can't do it myself. I have started it. Probably not doing it as well as my OT, but it has helped already. I plan to do it every few days myself. It seems like a crazy simple treatment, but it helps. It costs me nothing to do myself at home. I know some of you are well adjusted to your situation, but some of this stuff I am finding really seems to work, is affordable, and I'll be happy to talk to any of you about any of this.



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Great going, sounds like you are working hard, congrats on the canoe carry, hope you don't have to many long portages on your first few outings.

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