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Been there done that



Rob is home after a week of in-patient rehab. Staying in the hospital a few days, gave him some intensive therapy, which was really helpful because we drive over a hundred miles one-way for his out-patient therapy. His PT said that his leg is so weak, that most people wouldn't be able to walk on a leg as weak as his.... he's done this before, so he figured out how to do it. We aren't back to square one with this stroke, we've done this before. No sense complaining, we're just getting to work on the rehab.


My co-workers have been bringing food over - I am humbled by their kindness. They know Rob is the cook in our house :)


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Karen, be careful. You think that you have done it all before so you can do it again but sometimes a second dishing of the same is too much on your plate. So pace yourself. And keep Rob's spirits up too.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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Hi Sue - I can't even fathom where this rehab will take us, and push the fear that he will not regain what he lost from my mind today...... It is one day at a time, watching and willing his thumb to move, remembering how long it took to start moving last time. We will never be able to pull this off without a lot of help from his awesome therapists.... and am greatful for our insurance that does not cap therapy at a specific # and continues to allow it based on medical necessity. We do have things to be thankful for. Yes we have to pace ourselves, but if I stop and look back for too long, I may sink. We can do it again, and I gotta keep movin' forward. Thanks for you thoughts. -Karen

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first and foremost I like and love your attitude, and I know fir sure, you by side of Rob, Rob will do wonderfully, your attitude sound just like my hubby, he likes to deal with problem at hand first rather worrying about future, with him by my side I can truthfully say I am able to enjoy my life one more time, my stroke was just little setback in life which allowed me to appreciate good times even more. so this new setback is just another curveball of life, and both of you together can conquer this.


I am counting on seeing you both next time when I come to Alasksa


lots of love & hugs



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