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I'm slowly but surely killing myself. I have diabetes and I can't stop bingeing.


I'm so fat now I'm buying a bigger size. My clothes don't fit. I'm a mess.


I know all the bad stuff that can kill me. And I did quit smoking. I still drink when


its social. I have heart issues. I need to have my gall bladder out. The list goes on.


I guess I'm having a pity party and you are all invited



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Ok......I'll join you for a pity party. Ready.....one.....two....three......awwwwwww :violin: :hug:

Times up! :big_grin: walowing there is not healthy for either of us you know.


We want you around here for a loooonnnnnnnnnggggggggggg time to come so you need to take care of yourself.


I'm sending :hug: :hug: and a guardian angel :Angel: to watch over you.

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HI here's a shoulder and a cup of tea.. with splenda...


Can you talk to your Dr and have them set up a few sessions with the Nutritonist at the hospital for diabetic counseling. They will have some great recipes and when my father in law was visiting I could make him treats with sugar free jello, puddings and bake and cook with splenda.


They will teach you how to do food exchanges. To adjust your insulin or medication.


First step is recognizing you are out of control and doing harm


Next step is to call the Dr and get help. Are you on an antidepressant?

You may want to get some counseling also..


Please take care of yourself :friends:

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I joined the pity party. Quite frankly, I found it rather boring. So let's start another kind of party for you.


As "bstockman" says, the first step is admit your problem and you have. You need to define it. But I think the most important next step for you is to get counseling to find out why you have such low self esteem. You do and you must admit that, without pitying yourself; you must define it.


The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself. Build yourself to be the best person you can be to yourself and become your best friend.


By working w/ a Nutritionist and a dr. and a couselor, you are honoring yourself and curing yourself of the disease of low self esteem. By honoring yourself, you will lose weight and become healthier. Wouldn't you rather eat healthy than take insulin? I don't know your case but many times people who have diabetes have acquired it because of poor eating habits. The poor eating habits come from low self esteem.


Eating right isn't the only answer to you becoming the best you can be, you must exercise, too. You may say, I can't do that now because I am so big. I'm talking about small steps. Sit in a chair and lift your legs, (10) repititions for each leg. Do this at different times of the day, build up (2x a day, then 3x a day...). Walk around your house. Talk to your dr. about exercises you can do up to your potential. As you get healthier and your body stronger, you can build up to harder exercises.


In the morning, start putting on make-up. Not much, just to make you feel better. Comb your hair into different styles, even just changing the part in your hair. Look at yourself in the mirror. Realize that beauty isn't always on the outside but it is definitely on the inside. Our inner beauty is what we make of it. You perfect your inner beauty. It is this beauty that attracts friends (family loves you anyway, but you will become a person your family will want to be around more).


Realize you are unique to the world. there may be many "slmstrokeangels" in this world but there is only one of you. Your quirks make up your character. The choices you make, your interests make up who you are and unique to this world. This is your work. Decide who you wish to be -- please no imitations. Be you and be the best you can be.


Most importantly, I can go on and on to coach you, encourage you but you are the only person who can decide to honor you, to heal you, to build your self esteem. No one can do that for you. But I encourage you that if you do seek out your drs advice and work w/ a Nutritionist and a counselor that you honor them for their skills and talents and really work on yourself and follow through on their advice. Don't make them waste their time.


Don't be hard on yourself. If you slip one day, don't give up. Tomorrow is another day and you can start from square one again and again and again. Its life. Take Care. I'm pulling for you. LK Sorry to be so verbose.

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