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Minor Setback, more life lessons



Had a minor setback the other day. Picked Lesley up from work in the morning, we went out for a breakfast after her three night shifts. As we were leaving I got my wallet out to pay the waitress, my credit card fell onto the floor. I reached down to get it, and over I went onto the floor on my left (bad) side. Most seriously damaged part was my ego. A sprained left wrist and a hip bruise, all else OK. Reminded me not to get too rambunctious, I did have a stroke six months ago. I guess these things will happen as I attempt to live life normally. Working on my new (to me anyway) boat, I am reminded that I now bruise and bleed quite easily. Have come up with the idea to wear tight fitting leather gloves like a golf glove and cut the finger tips off. Hopefully this will protect my hands a bit from all the nicks and band aids they are getting now. I do carry band aids in my fishing gear now.


I have finally listened to the many therapists that told me so and have temporarily stopped all my Bowflex exercises for my upper body, arms and shoulders. Only working the legs now. They have both gotten quite strong, I think stronger than pre stroke. I have to give the shoulders a chance to heal. I still do the range of motion exercises I got from the Active Release therapist. I don't want to lose what I have gained there. The arms seem to be getting enough exercise just living life normally, shoveling gravel, working on my boat and trailer, fishing, etc. This winter coming inbetween ice fishing and snowshoeing Lesley has finishing the basement planned, time enough for arm exercise then.


Muscle tone seems to be lessening, considering cutting back the baclofen further, already cut it in half. Currently doing a two month cholesterol test to see if I can cut back the Lipitor permanently. Then the happy pills are next on the list. One at a time.


Tippy continues to grow and learn her various commands. She now knows the "sit" command well. I take her out every morning and train her on the "come" command. She genrally does, but still some work to do on that one. Potty training is still a work in progress, but getting better every day. She now routinely goes all night without a pit stop. The bonus has been that our other dog Jasmine, not to be outdone is learning all of this as well. They play together all day when they are not sleeping. Tippy's first visit to the vet yesterday went very well. all OK, got shots, etc. She sat still on the scales just like she should, weighs 12 lbs now. (three months old)


Some much needed rain has come our way recently. Everything is green now, Lesley is spending her break planting flowers everywhere. I am writing this and enjoying an adult beverage. Next entry I will return to the original theme of this blog, a new gadget to show. Time to go now.


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ouch George:


sorry about your fall, lucky it bruised only your ego, falling is part of growing up, so we all can now claim we are grown up




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Glad you didn't get seriously hurt - please use caution in the future. Don't want you to experience a nasty fall.

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HI George,


Over training is the side effect of trying too hard too fast. I'm glad you recognised it, I have a tendancy to do this too with my arms and pay the price.


Love my picture of Tippy, such a cutie - thank you again for sending it. My one suggestion for training Tippy is that you always use a specific hand signal at the same time as the command.


I was lucky to be able to put another Buddy through Wonder Dog school and hand signals were mandatory and a key to successful training. I have taught Gem and Punk this way too, and if I have another stroke and lose my speech again they will still obey me with just a hand signal.


Kind regards,


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Dickons--I never thought of the use of hand signals in THAT way. Good thought.



I will tell you, as I am sure you have read in my blogs, I trained all my dogs and have always used hand signals along w/ verbal commands. One of my favorite stories about my dogs is:


I had a cocker spaniel and then (2) kids. One day, Sallie, the dog, was out in the backyard. My dogs were trained to stay in their yard, as I defined it. This day, Sallie decided to explore beyond her borders. I caught her inching towards the edge and called her back. She turned her head, saw me, sat down and swung her curly ears around as though to say, "I did NOT hear you!" I waited until she swung her head around to see if I was still there and when she did, I called and used the hand signal for "come." I swear the dog thought, "Da.n, I know that signal," and came as the obedient dog she usually was. From that day on, she decided she was deaf BUT she could hear a wet, soggy cheerio drop on the floor from the other end of the house.


I'm glad your spill didn't do too much damage... you don't have to be placed in traction for your ego, do you??? :giggle: Take Care. LK

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Thanks to all for the advice to be careful but I am afraid it will likely fall on deaf ears. I will live my life and sometimes pay the consequences of doing too much too soon. I am a slow learner, but I do eventually learn, and will hopefully be more careful in the future. Wearing the gloves I mentioned earlier will help the nicks on the hands a bit. I tried an old pair of golf gloves today, work fine. LK, my ego has been bruised many times before, no virgin territory there, so no harm done.

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