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New Gadget and update on therapies.



Hopefully attached are pictures of a new gadget we are using around the house these days. We have several and they are really neat. Make opening and closing frozen veggies, bread, etc, very easy. They have a strong grip, yet are easy to remove. Lesley got them thru one of her junk catalogs.


I have held off blogging for awhile until I completed a few things so I could report on them. I finished the Active Release therapy in Canada this week. The therapist said that I was a personal success for him and he would like to do a follow up in a month or so. He said not only did I have a severely frozen shoulder, but all the complications of a stroke as well. He was most pleased with my progress as am I. I told him that summers up here are short, and I really want to get on with living my life for now. How about a follow up in the fall after fishing season is over. He agreed. I had a total of ten treatments with him. The results have been gratifying, to say the least. The exercises he has given me to do are very focused on the muscle groups we are still working on. I still do them everyday and will continue to do so. I would advise anyone able to do so look into this treatment.


I also had both shoulders injected with cortisone today. Hopefully this will get the inflammation under control and I will be able to start weight training again with the arms in a few weeks. The legs/hips/ankles continue to do well, getting much stronger.


I now have had another doctor tell me that he agrees that we must continue to seek out what is best for us, and the knowledge of many therapists and doctors plateaus, not necessarily the patient. Don't be afraid to look into something else, I am doing my best to report all my results here for all to see. At the moment I have no further therapies or treatments planned of any type, just a few follow ups mentioned earlier.


I have reduced the baclofen from 80mg daily to 20mg this week, if the weekend goes OK, I will completely eliminate it next week. Another muscle relaxer was stopped two months ago. I am in the middle of a two month test to see if we can keep the Lipitor cut in half. Cholesterol is 106 now, if it stays near there, I'll keep it cut in half. After these two tests are completed, the happy pills are next. I'll taper them off and see what happens. Also cut the BP med in half today, doctors orders. I have been getting woozy in the mornings, I think my body is returning to somewhat normal, hopefully won't need all these meds forever. Still some bad news, still have leg twiches at night, especially on days I exercise hard. Still a tight wrist, some hand and finger discomfort, sleepy a lot, endurance and focus issues, other things readers of this blog know all too well.


However, all in all, I am pleased with the progress. Still a work in progress, but definitely much better than six months ago. My boat is nearly ready for the water, myself, Lesley, and the two dogs will be using it next week.


Welcome rains have swollen the lakes and rivers and made the forests safe again. Fishing so far has been good, and hopefully will be next week. That completes the latest report, see ya after fishing!

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Good to hear things are moving right along for you. You are achieving your goals :Clap-Hands: :big_grin:

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