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And with that...its goodbye



School's out..... :happydance: the only thing now is facing high school. See I'm actually a sophmore but my junior high went till 9th grade which is freshman. So off to high school to face all the cruel cheerleaders who will ruin me because I'm not skinny. Best years arent they!


Now we're planning on moving across country and I'm leaving all my friends. New school NO friends and my mom telling me "You'll make more" I'm sorry mom but what if I dont??? I'm just scared if all my friends are like "Kristina???Kristina who...?" I have the fear of being forgotten.... :ermm:


I know everyone has faced more harder times than me so I am sorry for venting like this. I saw people writing poems about life and I found a verse that I wrote last year so I hope you enjoy...


A dream is all you have untill it evaporates

A love is all you have untill its shattered

Your life is yours untill you screw it up

My life is MY life & I intend on fighting for it.


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Make that Kristina the Caring,

Kristina the Cheerful,

Kristina the Companion.... etc


Maybe Kristina the crazy


You will be missed...believe me.



Sue. :chat: the chatterbox

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My Dear Sweet Daughter,


As you've told me and I'll tell you....You've got me, Crystal, and Tinkerbell who love you so very much. Your true friends will miss you and will keep in touch. With your personality, I'm assured you will make new friends. I understand this move is difficult for you; in the long run, I feel we will be better for it as we won't be 2,400 miles away from family. Right now, with things the way they are, we don't have family close by.


As for you "bothering" me during summer vacation - You're just "doing" your job as a teenager, remember? :big_grin: I just have to find a hiding place like Crystal has :roflmao:

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Hi Kristina, I moved during freshman year.. I was frightened. .. upset, etc. I made friends there. Actually better friends. I moved 3,000 miles away after High School.. I am still in contact with one, and one from when we were 5 yrs old.


My grandson is moving after school is out. He is ending 8th grade but will be going to High School as a freshman. Hi stepdad is working there already so they go over on some weekends. He really likes it there and is excited to make new friends. Try to look at this as an adventure. There will be other "new" kids starting in your school also. From what I have read on here you have a bubbly personality, get involved with school activities.. the year book club or acting club.. music whatever your interests.. You will meet and make friends .... Remember we all come in different sizes, height, etc.. You don't have to fit into a "mold"


Just be yourself :)



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Oh Kristina--You have the "Teenage Jitters!" Just from reading your blogs these past few months, I know you have left an indelible print on your friends at your present school. Despite a few self doubts, you have "put yourself out there," with participating in cheerleading and doing the Talent Show, etc. Your outgoing personality will see you through the first few days in your new school. Better yet, are you moving during the summer time? If so, you will have ample time to make friends w/out the pressure of school.


Don't worry about your weight or any other doubts you may have about yourself. You are empowered to define your life. Go For It! Moving broadens your horizons and just think of the interesting people you will that I think of it, just think of the fascinating person the people in Pittsburgh (is it??) will meet...YOU! Take Care. LK

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first and foremost loved your verse, wow where did you get so much wisdon, you are way ahead of your peers. one more thing it is okay to be little jittery about move, but one important thing to learn in life which I learnt at 37 after stroke, don't let other push your buttons, find that happiness with inyou, you are the best daugter one can ask for, best person& very beautiful person it does not matter what size you are, what matters is inside which u got, I wish my son was little older I would love to have u as my daugter-in-law.




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I was overweight as a teenager until the summer before my senior year, I had a friend who joined weight watchers with me and we both lost the extra weight, I also moved 2 times in junior high, but it was just after my father died and just like you I didn't wanna. I wish there was a crystal ball so we would never make any mistakes, but I never found one. I think things will work out, i had a sister that was always little and popular, and until she left for college I always felt overshadowed, she was in drill team, and always popular, I developed friends with others who were not judgmental and feel like I didn't miss having the skinny cheerleaders as my friends, there were a few who were really nice that I was friends with just not as close. you have faced far worse with all your mom has gone through so I know you will have the strength to make it so we will be able to give it through, I will pray for you, and I hope you will be keeping up with this site so we can give you hugs now and then. :hug: :dribble:

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