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Positive Attitude-A key to getting well?

Ricardo W. Herrero


[font=Arial When I was in my hospital bed in August 2005, when I had my 3rd sttroke, my attending physician sent the hospital psychiatrist because my attending doctor feared that I might go into depression. When the psychiatrist arrived, she began to talk to me and in the course of our conversation I said, with my fists banging the hospital bed. "I will walk again, Doctor!! Etch that in stone. I will walk again!!" She took a long look at me and said, "Subas (my nickname) with an attitude like that half your battle is won."


And it has been that way ever since. i refuse to have my stroke condition run my life. I refuse to just stay at home. I go with my wife to the supermarket. I go to the malls just to pass my time. I go to therapy 3x a week at the Philippine Heart Center for Asia (remember that I live in the Philippines) where they have tremendous facilities and very competent and compassionate therapists. Here I am not just a number, not just a patient but a human being. Well, I believe that the therapists there appreciate me very much because I put a positive slant to all the patients' problems. When I enter the room with the stationary bikes, I always say that all those people in that room will get well!m Then I say, "When I am walking, I challenge everyone in this room to a race around the oval! That always gets a good laugh and encourages the patients.


I mention these events because a positive attitude is VITAL to one's recovery. The desire to get well must be there. This attitude for me in all probability comes from the 14 yeard that I studied under the American Jesuits at the Ateneo University. We were taught never to give up. If you must go down, go down fighting. That is why even if our basketball teamwas downby 30 points at the half, our side would cheer the loudest because we never said die.


Positive attitude is necessary.


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I agree with you and wish I could have experienced some therapy where you are, maybe I would be much better in my 3 years, who knows?


Welcome to the blog community. To get the smily faces to come up in your post just click on it, don't type it. :blink: Here in blog click on show smiles pop up window, then click on the one you want to use. :D

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Bravo <clapping with one hand LOL


Your words are an inspiration to stroke survivors everywhere! (Never say die!)


Great post and I look forward to hearing more from you in future.


Smiles :)



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hey ricardo:


wecome to blogworld, I am so happy you joined our blogworld, with attitude like that you will make so much difference in people's lives who r on their stroke recovery journey.




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