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Progress-that's what it's all about

Ricardo W. Herrero


:bouncing_off_wall: I have been wanting to write on my blog for such a long time now, but my lack of computer skills has prevented me from doing so. However, now I am doing so and today I' like to talk about progress. Progress is something vital to our recovery from stroke.


When I first started going to therapy, I decided that by hook or by crook I would walk again. My stroke was not debilitating in the sense that my mind or speech were affected. They were not. However, being diabetic in origin, I have generalized neuropathy and so since my nerves were affected, I am unable to walk.My muscles are weak. My back muscles are weak. When I sleep in one position, I wake up in the same position except when I ask my caregivers to move me. Some of my muscles have atrophied from lack of use. To top it all, I have some tendonitis and synovitis on my right shoulder, a condition that existed before my stroke and which I failed to address with proper therapy. So there I was confined to a wheelchair, unable to walk and unable to actually move. When I would sit on my wheelchair, I would actually fall forward and to my right because my back muscles were so weak that I had no control of my body. I could not even feed myself since I could not grasp the utensils on both my hands. I knew that there was a lot of hard work in store for me.


Well, I set my mind to it! I went to therapy religiously 3x a week. The exercises that I did were painful and agonizing but they paid off. Now, I am walking. Yes, I am being assisted by my therapist and caregivers but I am walking! When I first stood up using the parallel bars, I stood for a maximum of one (1) minute and it was agonizing and excruciatingly painful. Today, I stand for 40 min. without pain. Now, that's progress! Today I can grasp the utensils and consequently I can feed myself. Now, that's progress! Today, sitting on my wheelchair I can actually straighten my back and I no longer droop forward. Now, that's progress! I am even typing my own blog. Now, that's progress!!


So, never give up. Recovery is a slow, painful process but it comes. It does not come overnight but with hard work, it will definitely come! :Clap-Hands:


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:congrats: on all the hard work.. Yes you have Great attitude, and it takes attitude, hard work patience ...look how far you have come... WAY TO GO RICARDO... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and share with us..



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Dear Donna:


I would like to tell the world that you have been my angel. I guess were it not for the questions that I incessantly asked you about my blog and my postings, I would never have been able to post anything on the message board. Thanx again.



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I applaud all your hard work, you are doing so good, i also had problems with muscles and nerves in my back and are still getting them back, maybe because when I first stroked I had to get up and walk out of the bathroom or lay there and die, I was able to walk early on, only because I could keep my leg straight and used it like an artificial leg, I had no control and still do no have very much control, but I do walk, just that much independence will lead you to so much more. so glad to have you posting, and donna was an inspiration to me also.

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ricardo, you are an inspiration to all of us. you have worked hard and would not let your stroke beat you. congrats to you, donna is an angel to many of us. we all love her here, she is truly a mentor to many. keep working on your recovery and keep blogging to let us know what else you have accomplished in your recovery. i wish you continued success.

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