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Worry is a nagging ache

making thoughts lag and late

Give them up to G_d they say

All you have to do is pray.


Pray for a migraine to go away

pray for money to fall our way

pray for this, pray for that

Can't I pray to not have to pray somewhat?


Go to the higher power

(S)he will help you in your hour.

So far, not,never has(??), will ever?

Or banished am I to be, forever?


The light has truly spoken,

I took a break and asked,

For that real break,

I have actually basked.


Not totally secure but not lost

Feel peace, not tossed

listening online

watching states away but at home in mine

comfortabler and close

better for the religious


Wish he shared my passion,

maybe should have married in the church

but would have only been paper birch

peeling away layers to

find the sheen of blue.


Glad to be where I am,

with a man who understands

not religious but stands for Jesus no matter what.

A silent faith, tested but sure,

gives comfort like no other.


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Mel enjoy what you have. In my world that is what I do day by day. No-one knows what tomorrow will bring anyway.


Nice to hve you back blogging again.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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