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It has been quite a while since I have been on here. Things were pretty hectic for a couple of weeks, but they have finally calmed down.


First of all, I was saddened to hear about Diane's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.


Secondly, I am glad to see that my friends Asha and Donna are back in the blogging business. I really missed you guys. I was waiting backstage the other night, and realized I had no idea how the heck you guys were doing. I am so glad to have you back around. :Clap-Hands:



Last week was one of those weeks I guess we all have, where we are just plain *beep* off at the world. I am over it this week, but I was so foul last week, people started to notice, and I am pretty darned good at hiding my *beep* off at the world weeks. I was just tired and frustrated. Thankfully, it has passed.





PS-Donna, I will be thinking about you as you get ready to make the big move!


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Missed you around too. I can understand getting "beeped off" at the world. Been there myself (more times than I care to admit).


Glad things are going ok though on your end - any beach visits?

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I missed your blogs too, and I am glad my blogging again made you happy, last week I was beeped off at the world too finally took out on my soulmate.





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