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Travel and the Joy of Coming Home



As a professional traveler, there is nothing that beats the feeling of walking back through my own front door after a trip. I was out for a long 2 week journey around the States, and then for a couple days in Lima, Peru. (Miraflores to be exact, it's a "suburb" of Lima I guess.) Nice place, I've been down there 5 times now and really enjoy it. Great people, excellent food, overall a nice place to spend some time.


Dropped an airplane off for scheduled maintenance, spent a day, then had the good folks from Delta bring me home. Two hours in the Lima airport First class lounge (i.e. BAR), nice cushy business class seat to Atlanta, 3 hour layover spent in the Delta Elite room (i.e. BAR) and then the final leg home.


My son was waiting for me at the airport and 20 minutes later I was back in familiar territory. As usual, the first one to meet me was "Harley", our wonderful mutt. Don't know what he is, but he's always happy. Sam was in the living room, son #2 upstairs. It really IS good to get back home.


Wandered around the yard for a few minutes, checked out the garden, flower beds, and fruit trees. Peach tree is LOADED. Another week and I'll be canning again!


Everything is MAHVELOUS! Think we'll go fishing tomorrow. :yeahrite:


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