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Greetings From Singapore



Got into Singapore on Thursday evening after spending 3 days in Bahrain. It's a bit warm over there. I thought I was miserable until I saw the Navy guys dressed in their BDU's. I'll never complain again. Say a prayer for our guys there!


Schedule changed so I've got Fri-Mon off here in Singapore. Went to the zoo yesterday. It was AMAZING!

Best way to describe it is like walking through a tropical garden with animals in it. They set the exhibits in the forest, rather than cutting it down and making a fake one. There's lot's of man-made waterfalls and stuff, but it fits in with the rain-forest so well, it all looks natural. Very well laid out, lots of shade, 100% handicap accessible. There was nowhere that you couldn't get to with a wheelchair. (I notice things like that now) I wish Sam could be here to see it. The animals are enclosed in extremely natural looking settings and (except for the big cats) it's hard to see the fences. If you ever get the opportunity to come out to this beautiful place, the zoo is a MUST SEE!! It's a 25 min cab ride from my hotel to the park. Round trip was $10 US. Entry was $6. Can't beat that!


On the home-front, Sam is back in ST at the local college. That's a great deal. I think it's better than the "professional" clinics. Kids work really hard and she gets the full hour, not the 45-50 min "hour" she got at the hospital. She's getting stronger, and actually starting to get some feeling back in areas she complained were numb. She does her bike, arm weights, ab-lounger (sometimes I call it her "ab-napper") and sit-ups. I just wish there was some way to get her balance back. She's got the strength and enough co-ordination, it's just the balance that's keeping her from being able to use a walker.


We were out camping a bit earlier this summer, but with all the rain, and then heat, and then more rain, we haven't been able to get out much. Have been doing a bit of fishing, but some of the lakes we go to have been flooded. A couple were closed for a while. Maybe when I get home we'll get back into it.


For some reason, I couldn't log in here for a couple weeks. Was almost surprised I got in today. Oh well.


Rain's stopping and I think it cooled down a bit. Time to go wander aimlessly again.


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That zoo sounds wonderful! I saw the one in San Diego decades ago and talked about the wonders of that one for years. I'll have to search the net and see what I can find on the Singapore Zoo.


Don starts back to the college for speech this month, too. I totally agree with you about the sessions on campus being better than the full-fledge professionals. The kids work so hard and here they even spend time before and after classes out in the waiting areas helping and getting to know their clients better. Plus I get the benefit of the professor teaching me as she teaches the students.


Thanks for the update. It's always nice to know how you and Sam are doing.



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Thanks for the update on you and Sam. Glad things are going well. I too will have to search google for the Singapore Zoo. Not that I'll ever go there; but it's nice to dream and compare to the hometowm zoos.


Sam definitely sounds like she's making good progress. Is she able to do balance exercises at all in order to work on her issues?


My best to the both of you.

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It seems to me Sam is doing great w/ her exercises. Just keep on truckin'. I may be wrong but I set a lot in store on exercising as much as you can. I have been using an exercise ball because its an UNstable surface. The only thing I can do on it right now is sit on it and try to move it back and forth w/out falling (need a spotter). This builds up your core muscles. Do you think this might help Sam?


My dr. said I will probably always have problems w/ balance but I figure if I can get my body in the best possible shape, it will help. Believe me, I can't do much yet but I will graduate. Good luck to you and Sam. Take Care. LK


PS: I love to hear about your adventures around the world.

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Great to hear from you. Glad you got back on site. We were doing some updates, then the site was down, and some people got locked out. If that happens. you can contact Kim kanderson@stronet.biz if you cant get onto the site. She helps with log in problems.


The zoo sounds great.. I love zoo's. Our Seattle has gone to a lot of "natural" exhibits and is also easy to get around.


Glad Sam is getting more ST. Hopefully the balance issues will get better. Mine did, I still have some "wobbly" days or problems when looking up.. then back down. But it is not as bad as at the beginning.



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