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Who Says Romance Is Dead?



I asked Sam what she wanted to do for our anniversary this year. She said "Dinner, then a show, and a late night snack." Being the great and thoughtful guy that I am, I was more than happy to arrange that.


Last night the Oklahoma state fair had a $1 admission day. We started out with "mile long hot-dogs" and lemonade. (The dogs were only short by 5279 feet though.)


After dinner we caught the "Villiage People" concert. Macho Man, In The Navy, and the encore was YMCA!!! Does it get any better than that? Why yes, yes it does!


We shared a "Dan's Indian Taco" while watching the fireworks!!!


Isn't she a lucky girl?


Seriously though, we've been married 22 years today. I grilled some steaks, did the flower thing, and she got a little box from the jewlery store. 'Twas a good day! I'm looking forward to many more!!




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that was such a romantic date, you both r very lucky lovebirds. here wishing you many many lovely anniversaries to come.





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I love to hear about people in love. After 22 years, too. You both are lucky to have found each other. A belated Happy Anniversary and I know many more joyous Anniversaries will follow. Now you all may kiss. Take Care. LK
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Sigh! So dreamy and sweet! It only gets better. My hubby and I are one year behind you at 21 years married but together for 25 years. (including dating years)

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