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Here We Go Again!!!





It's been a busy few weeks. I think I've spent 5 days at home in the last 30. In addition to regular stuff, I had to do a week of ground training (that ended up being 10 days due to equipment problems) and was to go home yesterday. Scheduled on a 730 am flight, but was able to catch a standby on the 630. Turned off the phone and headed home. Turned the phone back on in OK City and it rang almost immediately. (I'm still waiting to get off the plane) Scheduler said he was trying to call all morning, and "where the heck are you?". Long story short, At 1045,I left the Delta plane, went out to the American counter and picked up my tickets for a 1215 flight to Toledo. NEVER LEFT THE AIRPORT. :Argh:


What a treat!! I have a trip from Toledo to Boston, (where we pick up horses), to Trondheim Norway, then down to Doncaster UK. That's in one night. The next day we go to Atlanta and back to Toledo. Good thing I have pictures on the laptop. I'm needing them just to remember what home looks like. I'M GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS ----! :Rant-Off:

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Busy Busy Man you are. It's a miracle you found the time to even blog. Hope you get a break soon and get home for some R & R - You deserve it.


Hang in there

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