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I'm an idiot Day



Koda went to the vet today - apparently small dogs especially poms, have a tendency to have collapsing trachea's. So, that's why what I thought was a kennel cough wouldn't go away - he gets excited and his trachea collapses and he chokes and wheezes - kinda like we do. It's not as serious, but it is definitely something to keep an eye on as it can get serious. In the meantime, he can take robitussin and some pills. Most important, just calm him down by distracting him. This I can do.


Went to check out - Sean asked me to put his pills in my purse along with the note that had the robbitussin dosage down for me. And at the same time, he handed me the money, I took it and the receptionist told m how much the visit was. And I suddenly could not count 2 plus 2 if my life depended on it. So, his medicine and the note got left on the counter because I was holding Koda, money, trying to multi task with one hand and not burst into tears. Got home...Sean had to go back to the vet to get the medicine. Neither of us could remember having it or placing it anywhere.


I am an idiot. This isn't the first time I haven't been able to count and it won't be the last - I know it's stroke related, but darn - how long before my brain heals in that area and begins to relearn? How many more times will I be rendered speechless, fighting back tears 0I can't count.


It's been 2 1/2 months since the stroke - maybe not even that long (April 29th)- I can't count remember? I would have thought I'd heal quicker than this. There are areas in which I've rebounded really really fast, and then there are the idiot moments that render me speechless feeling like a deer in the headlights.


(Sean is my husband, btw)



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hi icebeangel:


give yourself some time to heal it will come back while you are waiting on healing, start learning yourself, get grade 1 or kintergarten math book workbooks, once you know the problem working on it wil solve the problem




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Yes it takes time.. Asha's idea is good. counting with play money.. some number or card games on the computer help also.. When I first started i could barely finish one game of cards. I had the attention span of a gnat and got frustrated or distracted very easily. Your poor brain has been injured.. It is trying to Re learn so many things and gets tired easily.


Give yourself credit for attempting some of theses things... and it does get easier with time and practice.


I remember grocery shopping with my husband.. he went to the bank located inside the grocery store.. Told me he would catch up to go ahead and start.. He found me in the meat isle ... nothing in the cart.. I couldn't make a decision on what to buy.. We usually do majority of shopping together, but I often make stops at the store and I do fine.

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It does take time and practice to retrain the brain cells. I know, for me, if I am flustered or tired it's like I have an idiot sign plastered to my forehead. I generally use my debit card rather than cash at checkouts to simplify the entire checkingout process for the cashier as well as me. Practicing with play money is a good way to get in the swing or groove.

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I've tried using my debit card. I keep forgetting my pin - no matter how easy it is. Heavy sigh. For some illogical reason, I thought that cash would be easier to handle b/c my memory is nonexistent right now.

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