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Countdown to take-off - 8 days



Countdown is 8 days till heading to Pittsburgh. 2nd batch of boxes gets picked up tomorrow (Monday). We'll call to have the last batch of boxes picked up on Tuesday.


Kristi, bless her, is packing away feverishly as well as doing the downsizing of taking things to dumpster. It is comical as we've seen so much of our stuff being carried to apartments. They say that a person's trash may be another's treasure. Bless them. We're also trying to sell items like furniture and electronics that we can't take but need $$$ to help getting restarted (ie security deposits for utilities etc).


Kristi has wanted to blog :throw: but there has been a technicial glitch with her accessing her blog or even reading other blogs. ((CORRECTION: After writing this, I was advised that Kristi is able to blog and read blogs while using Strokenet Custom skin :Clap-Hands: )


We got the new carrier for Crystal but she has not gone inside it - she's sniffed the entire outside though so far. Next we're going to put inside her crunchy treats to entice.


My dear Auntie is on a mission to help us set up the new house. She emailed me yesterday questions about what type of products we use as well as what we like to eat. She and my cousins are so thrilled that we're coming home although Kristi doesn't remember living there as she was so little when we left. After reading her emails. I had a melt-down and cried my eyes out - Kristi was out for the afternoon so she couldn't make fun of me for crying and tell me I look like a monkey when I cry. :crying:


This was 2nd melt-down I've experienced - the first one she told my Brother about - I was told to chill out....I'm trying.....I'm making progress and getting things accomplished that I can do. Today I updated magazine subscriptions on-line :Readpaper:


So.....we're getting there.....this week also need to contact utilities here to disconnect service.


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Donna, you "guys" are doing great! This is one miserable job especially because you aren't moving "around the corner.


Think of it this way.....8 more days and then you'll be in Pittsburg and have all the help you could possibly want. It's great that your family is being a real family and helping by trying to make this as easy as possible. Even food will be waiting and with summer, something cool to drink on arrival is going to be great.


This day is almost over and soon it will be 7.

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How soon do you expect to be back online after your move? Or do you own a laptop with wireless connection? I think that's a great way to go these days. My desktop is wireless.


And it's half the price of the new iPhone they lined up outside stores for days to buy.


Sure hope you consider your health, that is your limits, on what you can do safely, otherwise spend a few more dollars for someone to get it done. Be Careful!

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Don't know if you are aware comments to your blog will not show up until you have approved them which is your option. I had mine on one time and didn't know it!

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it's coming close soon you will be in my timezone. Kristi will be more happier don't worry about that, things are moving in right direction for you, and it will move that way for a while. goodluck with everything. You do have loving relatives here in east coast who are very caring. so I can understand fully why you wanted to move so badly.




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