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4 more days



I had hoped to write a blog closer to actual flying date of 7/16; however, due to cable company requirements, we need to get the digital cable box returned to their office. Of course they can pick it up for a charge. So.....service will be disconnected for cable/phone/internet sometime tomorrow - Friday the 13th. Granted, I've never been an overly superstitiious person but I don't normally like to push my luck.


All our boxes have been shipped and we're still trying to sell things that couldn't be shipped. Family members and friends we don't even know yet are so excited and are rallying together in setting up everything.


So...how am I doing as it gets closer? Well, it is with mixed emotions that I face everything. I'm taking my daughter away from the only state and city she remembers and plopping her in an area where people she don't remember will be welcoming her home. AZ is her home. I know she's going along with this for me as she knows how unhappy I have been here post - especially when it comes to my Mother and the lack of support she provides. I've experienced some meltdowns and Kristi has turned the tables and giving me the same pep talks I have given her.


I must continue to "Let Go, Let God" handle things and squelch my Type A personality - there are things out of my control. Also, things are falling into place - housing, furnishings, etc - Divine Intervention has taken over and "things WILL be ok".


I'll be going through internet withdrawal as well as Strokenet withdrawal. I love my job here and can't wait to get back up and running from my new home. I'll actually be living in a house with a front and back door. No townhouse or apartment like we've had since Kristi was born. A mailbox right outside the door - won't have to wait for Kristi to walk to centralized mailbox area.


Talk to all of you soon. :out_of_here:


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leave all your worries to God and you will c how peaceful you will feel. I know as mother you are feeling guilty about moving Kristi, but she will flourish, so don't worry about her.


while you are away from strokenet we will get donna withdrawlers, hope you get on quickly & update us quickly.



Welcome Home


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Good safe trip. It is the start of a new life for but of you and yes, it will turn out fine for both of you.


Will miss you but only for a few days and then you will be back - the new edition.


What Asha said is right as well as what you wrote. Leaving it to The higher source is the thing to do. He is going to do what is right so why sweat it. Bye for now. Waiting to hear how everything went and is going.



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Dear Donna-- "On the road again...!" How cooool for you all. I am so excited for you all. Sooner than you think, you will be walking off that plane in Pittsburgh into the open arms of your family! Take Care. We will "see" you on the flipside! LK
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I wish you peace and tranquility in your move. Remember to take it one day at a time and you will both be fine.



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