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We made it safe and sound



:Wave: We're now in Pittsburgh. If this blog entry is toooo long, I apologize but there's alot to tell - there are many here (you know who you are) who have oodles of questions. To email or pm each of you individually would take me until Kristi graduates from High School (3 years) lol. So.....here's a run down (unless my brain decides to f"art in the middle somewhere):


The flight and things leading up to it were eventful. We obtained new shots and health certificate for Crystal as required by USAirways (though no one EVER asked to see them). The vet gave us some tranquilzers for her as well. We never slept the night before, not even Crystal - we were all wired. At 4:30 am we gave her 1/4 of pill as

prescribed by the vet. It was sad but also funny to watch the pill take affect. However, it totally did not work on her. We had to give her another 1/4 at 5:30 which never knocked her out either. Kristi's best friends Elizabeth and Alina and Elizabeth's Mom, Colleen, drove us to the airport and went as far as the security checkpoint with us. There were tears and we were off to get scanned. I had my wheelchair. They wanted me to remove my shoes and AFO to walk through - as that was not an option for me, I walked through and then was permitted to sit in my wc and be "swabbed". Kristi and Crystal were not permitted near me until I was "cleared". Kristi had to carry Crystal through as her carrier had to be cleared.


During the flight we had to give Crystal 2 more 1/4's of the meds and they still didn't zonk her out. Twice she got the zipper open and popped her head up. Kristi had to fight her back in.


In Pittsburgh, my Bro met us outside the airport after we got our luggage then he drove us HOME. We love the house. My Bro and his friends worked very hard to create a homey atmosphere. As we get settled in, there will be pics added to the gallery.


Only draw back is that I was not provided with the entire truth on the layout of the house. The bedrooms and new bath are on the 2nd floor - 15 steps for me to climb. Right now there is only one railing on the left side. I'm able to manuever the first 13 then Kristi has to help me up last 2 as railing is not long enough. A special railing as been ordered and will be installed Monday on the right side. Coming down is not a problem; I'm just sore as I have not had to climb steps since we sold our townhouse right after the stroke.


Crystal is adjusting so well - she's eating, playing, and being very social with everyone.


As my brain and body are getting tired, must close this out. :out_of_here:


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Hey Donna, glad you made the transit so successfully. Thought it was funny that Crystal opened the zipper, resourceful kitty that she is! Can't wait to see the pics in the Gallery.


Think of the steps as therapy and it will not be long before you never think of them as a problem. I'm sure you will soon work out the best way to do things. It is sure nice that your family made it homey for you and I am imagining you will soon add those personal toches that make it yours.


We have moved often enough for me to sympathise with what you are going through. But it will soon become the place where you have always wanted to be. Home IS where the heart is. Hope the move is a success for Kristi and Crystal too.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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Hey Donna! Glad to hear the flight was a success! And that you got through the airport security thingy alright. Crystal was probably just checking up on you guys and making sure you were still there. I'm sure she was wondering what was going on..What a smarty cat!..to be able to unzip the zipper! Must of been so cute to see her head pop out. Great to hear you are pleased with your home and how sweet of your brother and his friends to prep the house for you. Like Sue says, you will add your personal touches now and Home is where the Heart is. And like Sue says also, think of the stairs as therapy..I myself would rather avoid steps but I tackle them as I too think of it as therapy. It will be better once the new right rail is installed. Being closer to family is wonderful and I am sure you feel so much better now that you are there and they are there. You and Kiddo are an awesome pair! You guys are going to ROCK that city!

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HI Happy you all are "home" safely. Well ata least Crystal didn't YOWL the whole flight.. I hear they have been asking passengers with "noisy" kids to get off flights. She was probably looking for her bag of snacks..too


Is there a bathroom on the first floor? Going up 15 steps a couple times a day will be good exercise, but having to go up to use the bathroom... each time.. could take some getting used to.


Well I KNOW KIM and I are so EXCITED you are back on line. Sincerely hope we didn't mess things up...


Glad it is homey, and as others said. you will have your own things to hang up and set out. and you will get "settled" in.


Glad there wern't too many "quircks" along the way.



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so glad to see your blog & happy that everything went alright & settling in new house, I live in colonial house so lot of staurs in the house, but we installed railing on the right side & it has been great therapy for me, I go up & down atleast 20 times in a day. BTW in the begining do baby step climbing stairs one step at a time, later when confidence builds up do reciprocate, and always hold on to railing




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Hi Donna,

Know the stair thing well. There is a rail on bottom 7 steps but only on one side the top 7. I too hope you have a bathroom on the first floor - or a cork. (Sorry for the sick humor)


I know security is strange but what is what they did to you and Kristi and Crystal couldn't be near you? I can understand their worry about people in wc because there could be some who would have bombs etc. but what if you could't walk through. That would be terrible.


Well, now is the fun part and in no time, it will seem like you've beenn there for years. So much for kitty anti anxiety meds. Smart cat; didn't want to miss a thing. It's times like these that we wish they could talk.


Well, I didn't travel and I'm pooped so - I'm closing too. LOL!



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Guest lwisman




Congrats on your successful move. Glad things went well for you.


The story about Crystal was both funny and a bit sad. Cats are very resourceful and very resilient.


The rail on the second side is a good one. We put a second up of the stairs to the basement (we are in a one story house) and the extra rail makes it much easier for me to get up and down the stairs.



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hey girlfriend, sorry i haven't replied sooner, but then i think i did, lol fuzzy brain lately. i bet crystal enjoyed the flight and was feeling no pain. i am glad you all made it safely and you are back up and running. i hope you have bathroom downstairs to use instead of having to climb stairs all the time. once the new rail is up you will be a pro and alot of worry off your mind. be careful. i'm sure you are enjoying the cooler weather,though. take care and keep us posted.

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Guest thegoodlife


:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


You made it!!!!! I am more than proud of you girl :hug: :hug: ! It was a challenge but you did it!! We even surprise ourselves sometimes lol.


This will be a busy time for you guys but you will be surprised how' time flies when you're havin fun' HA!



So glad your kitty made it w/o too much hassle but sounds like she is pretty smart :D !


Good Luck in your new HOME-it will be extra nice to be around family now :roflmao: :friends: :cloud9: :cloud9: !





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