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It's 2 weeks tomorrow!!!



Yes, seems hard to believe but we'll have been in Pittsburgh 2 weeks tomorrow (7-30). We're basically unpacked, except for bedrooms and things to be hung on the walls. We're to use special hangers so as not to damage the walls with nail holes - we need more of them. The bedrooms are still a work in progress awaiting the bedroom furniture. Kristi is presently using an airmattress while I have a twin bed that is a wooden frame with storage below. I'm so short and the bed is so high that my feet don't touch the floor when I sit on the side of the bed lol.


The railing on the right side of the stairs was installed so I can now navigate independently up and down the steps - Yeah!!! :Clap-Hands: :happydance:


Kristi is learning to cook on a gas stove - all we've ever had was electric. We make a good team in the kitchen - it helps the kitchen is big enough for both of us to manuever. Yesterday, we collaborated in brunch - ham and cheese omlets - yummy. My brother bought us a Magic Bullet - great fun planning what we're going to create.


Temp wise, big difference from Arizona. Feels good not to break into a sweat just by breathing. I don't feel cooked anymore :microwave: . Mid 80's is quite a bit more comfortable for us versus 100+ temps.


Kristi did ask if she could go back to Arizona - stating she's learned her lesson and will be good. She speaks to her friends back there on a daily basis. She does ask me frequently if I'm happy here and if there's anything about Arizona I miss. There is NOTHING or NO ONE that I miss enough to want to go back there. Once school starts here (Aug 27th), she'll be busier with new friends and homework to pass her time. She's gotten to spend fun time with her cousins as well. My Bro has a boat and has taken the kids out for rides as well as lunch.


Crystal is doing great though she has a scar on her nose from the boo-boo she inflicted on herself trying to escape the carrier on the plane. She remains petrified of storms and here has all kinds of places to hide out when the thunder and lightening arrive.


Our neighbors appear friendly - some have already welcomed us and introduced themselves.


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Guest lwisman




It is great to hear that everyone is settling in. It sounds like your brother has gone out of his way to be helpful. That is a great feeling.


BTW, I love the photo of Crystal you put in the gallery. Has she really learned to use the remote? :D

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so glad you are settling in so nicely and have great family support here in pittsburgh, I bet Kristi would love it here once school starts & she makes friends, she will have fun in winter too.



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donna, i am so happy for you and kristi and crystal, that you are settling in ok, great news on the railing for the stairs, i bet that takes a load of fear off your mind. the weather there sounds wonderful except when it gets cold,burrrrr. its still toasty here in az with the monsoons here now. your brother has done a great job getting you re-located. once school starts kristi will be to busy to miss arizona. take care and keep us posted on life in pa.

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Groovy Donna! I gotta get me a Magic Bullet too! I'm glad everything is falling into place. Soon you will have the bedrooms all fixed up!

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:Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: So glad you made it and that things are settling down - I know we've talked since the move offline of here but is great to see everything condensed and reminding me of something's that I had forgotten.

I think you are right about Kristi - once she gets into school things will be much better for her - boredom is an obnoxious thing!

Anyway - good to know that things are settling in and improving.


Sending good thoughts and wishes always lady!

Love ya,


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Glaf things are going well.. My feet don't touch the floor either..LOL We are hoping to replace the chair in the fanily room.. so have been "sitting" on chairs when we see one in stores.. John said that one looks comy... I felt like Alice in wonderland.. somefurniture and short people don't work..lLOL


Kristi will meet and make so many new friends once school and activites start... Az was her "home for a long time.. so this will take a bit of adjusting.


Kiss Crystal on the nose. ...


Be Well ,,, take care

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Lin, Crystal has not learned to use the remote (yet :big_grin: ) she guards it.


Asha, Kristi can't wait for first snowfall. I've already been told our back yard will be filled with snow people.


Kim, the railing is working great. I get my daily workout for sure


Shirley, we're waiting somewhat patiently for bedrooms to be completed. You'll love the Magic Bullet


Mel, I try to keep Kristi occupied as much as possible. Plus, since we're more settled, I let her sleep-in in the mornings


Bonnie, I can't wait to trade out the "TALL" bed. I do feel like Alice in Wionderland getting in and out of it.


In the Gallery, there are pics of the house just after we arrived. (Scroll up My Gallery Albums and click on "our home" to see them)

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