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ReLearning with Pictures



I was able to vacuum today w/o incident like falling over, etc....


The rest of my day I've been trying to figure out how to burn some of my dvd's for the ipod. I know I know how to do this...and yet, I haven't the slightest clue as to how to do it today or actually all week.


I feel so stupid. I have about 4 burning programs and I can't figure out a single one of them - not even while following the guides...seems I can't follow the guides right now either.


And to make this worse, it's for the kids...they want disney movies on the ipod - they hate my horror stuff.


I don't even know how to relearn this because I'm so flustered and confused and upset, which I realize is making it worse.



and later today....


Ok...I feel better - I managed to reread some guides and tutorials (apparently I needed guides that had pictures!)...but I can rip dvd's and cd's again and it really bites that the stroke took information away and I have to relearn things..but at least I did learn it quickly.:Clap-Hands:


Later Days,



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Guest thegoodlife


Hello There:


Wow! You sound just like me! I have those exact same problems. :o If I don't do things over and over and over then I have to start from bottom.


You did and to that I say :cheer: ! Keep up the good work trying is the way. :Clap-Hands:


Congrats to you! And, by the way what is a ipod????Ha ha!!!!




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Boy I know those feelings of frustration. You did the proper thing by leaving it for a while. Chill out and then take another run at it later.


Stroke is a mean fella and it takes a lot of effort to relearn what he takes away.


But don't give up! Just keep at it slow and steady.


Remember that we are here and we are all trying to relearn as well.


Thanks for sharing cus the more we share means the more we care.


Oh yeah an iPod I think I saw one of those one time on "My Favorite Martin" eh LOL <kidding...


Smiles :)



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You happen to live where I've always wanted to live! I'm jealous!


Thanks for the input guys! I'm sure there will be more frustration to share soon.



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