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progress report count my blessings

lady k






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Kakii you are so right, the answers to prayer don't always come in the form you expect but they do come with perfect timing.


When you are in your new apartment you will be surrounded with all those little tokens of love the church folk and your family are giving you and it will be like living in a warm hug! So many reminders of people's goodness and kindness.


Our kids assumed that their new appointment would have its kitchen set up and were amazed that it didn't. Instead family and friends got together and gave them what they needed. So as they wash up they say:"This dish came from so and so as a sign of their love" and tell of all the friends and family members who supplied what they needed. It makes their kitchen so special.


Hope the friends come for a visit and you can share their gifts with them and show how much it has meant to you and made your home special too.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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I'm so happy for you and glad things are working out. All is in His time, His way. Stroke entered or lives and it is up to us to make the best of the situation. Glad your house sitting was a good experience despite the rain. Your church group sounds wonderful. Will be looking forward to hearing about your new place as you settle in.

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it's so great to see you appreciating and settling in these new place of wonder surrounded by token of love and kindness people has shown you, you do have great appreciation & attitude, I need to keep that attitude for longer time. mostly after my stroke I too feel truely blessed.




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Wow such Good News.. and It is so nice to hear of people helping you. I was going to "throw" our old couch away.. it was pretty well used. I happened to mention this to a friend.. and they wanted it.. and were so happy to get it.


I wish it had been nicer... but then I wouldn't have been getting rid of it..lol I just moved a couch we had in the living room to the family room..


It will be so nice to be in your own place.. and to remember the things given with Love. :)


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hey Kakii:


I just remembered important piece of kitchen gadget you must buy is 1 touch can opener it's readily available in wallmart,bed bath&beyond, its for $20 & if you use $5 coupon for bedbath&beyond it will come out as $15 bucks pretty reasonable & worthwhile gadget for kitchen. It will make cooking & leaving alone so much easier.





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Guest thegoodlife



Hello Kaki:


Just had to relay my total HAPPINESS for you. You do have to wait but everything does come into place and after all my trials and tribulations it has turned out 'much for the better'. God does work in different ways- he never gives us more than we can handle and look at all he and his family are doing for you.

:cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9:


:cheer: :cheer: :friends:


Now you can be happy get on better with your life and SHARE HIS GOODNESS with others. :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: all those who will share with you!!!!-Plus, by sharing you always get something in return-don't know why but it happens-so keep sharing your happiness!!!!!


Best Wishes for a HAPPY HOME and LIFE!!!!


A Friend Always in God!



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