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gaining momentum

lady k


I think I must of gotten used to being slow, I got a call to come in to sign paperwork for apartment, had to take in Bank statements, now just have to get the SSDI paperwork in and take over, should get next week, was told should be here by next Friday, once we get that done , I should get the apartment, I was told apartment may be ready as early as next week and shouldn't be a problem moving on the 1st :bouncing_off_wall: , rent will only be 354 for 2 bedroom, and I only have to pay electric and phone :Clap-Hands: . some friends from church are going out of town tomorrow and I am going to house sit and pet sit for them, the have a pool and it will be like a spa visit for me :happydance: , he is disabled so the house is disabled equipped, the grill is set up ready to go, and I have chicken and beef patties in the freezer I can take and fix, yippee. it feels like a reward for something. I am also going to take my laundry and get it done so no laundry mat this month, hip hip hooray. he will also give me some canna bulbs to plant when get into apartment, their Canna are going wild and tasking over the yard so I can have as many as I want, they are bronze foliage and orange flowers. :Clap-Hands:


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I'm happy for you Lady K, it's time for things to come together when you need them the most.


You hear me talk about the church or God and how members can reach out and help you. Having faith in yourself means so much, I've come a long way with that belief.


Be careful with the grill, gas or charcoal and insure the chicken is DONE.

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So totally GROOVY that things are working out for you! Everything works out in time and ends up being worth it. Enjoy the pool and the BBQ!

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Sounds great, grab bars and all.


Those canna bulbs are really choice and quite expensive in Home Depot. I keep wishing the neighbor next door would throw some in the garbage. Things are supposed to grow better if you get them from the garbage and do not say "thank you" for them. Can't understand that, but we had the most beautiful iris that we got that way. LOL!.


Enjoy your "working" stay.



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