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home of my own?

lady k


well got the application done for apartment in wills point, and took it in, I had given it to god to help me get where he willed, and I spoke to the manager and they will have a vacancy 1st of next month and I will get it, and I qualify for 2 bedroom and it will actually be cheaper than 1 bedroom, yipee. prayer is answered. I called some friends from the church and they think people from the church will help me get started with furniture, I will be able to do a exercise room/craft/office in 1 bedroom.I am so excited


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Sounds just perfect for you. And getting the church folk to help means a lot of people will know where you live so you should get visitors. Don't forget to get a visitors book for them to sign so you know who has been and how often.


It will be lovely to have all your treasures where you have easy access to them. Maybe this will be the beginning of new things for you, being an independent woman and all. Need I say "behave yourself"?



(((Hugs))) from Sue. :forgive_me?:

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great news lady k. sounds just right for you. how wonderful for the people to help you out. now you have something great to look forward to. meeting new people too.

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