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tianjin wrap-up...final report/ratings



hi all...after six months in the 'first teaching hospital for traditional chinese medicine' here's my final words before moving on to my current therapy: net result is that my arm improved...lying on my unaffected side i can raise it in the air...standing i can raise it la-terally with bent elbow (it's too difficult to keep it straight) to about shoulder height...i could not do this prior to january...that said, there's still really nothing i can functionally DO with my arm...my shoulder is still subluxated...no improvement there...my hand/wrist/fingers showed no change whatsoever...my ankle/tibialis anterior showed no significant improvement...meaning my walking is basically the same in spite of the stair climbing... given that i got to this hospital 10 months post stroke and given all the various therapies i did prior to my arrival, i feel a deep sense of disappointment in my lack of healing thusfar ...i am grateful for the gains my arm made and i haven't thrown in the towel yet...far from it...i'm sure most of you would categorically tell me that it wasn't worth $30K+, and you could be right, but i still believe in acupuncture and will continue to receive it, both for stroke recovery and general health maintenance...i do not regret the six months i spent in tianjin but i do have more to say about it...although they do get results with some people a few years out (tho not many...most people leave in very similar shape as when they arrived) from a stroke, their best results happen when a survivor gets there as soon after the stroke as possible...i've blogged about how bad the exercise/pt there is, so no sense repeating myself...i'll wrap up this part of the program by saying that no stroke survivor should be subjected to such inadequate care...it's disrespectful and unacceptable...my final rating for this area is P for Pathetic...the acupuncture is generally very good altho it does depend on who you get as there are several providers...overall i'll give this part of the program a G for Good...unfortunately i've found the administrators and some of the doctors as well to be highly unethical and direly lacking in integrity at times...after all the time i spent there i came to firmly believe that the emphasis is NOT on patient results but rather on the patients' money...the chinese in general now are like the way many ameri-cans were in decades past (of course many still are)...obsessed with money and getting rich...this sadly plays a large role in the program bringing americans over who pay a fortune for the same services that no ordinary chinese family could come close to affording...in my time there i learned too much about kickbacks, which happen with virtually every american dollar that is spent there and vastly inflated prices for westerners...for these reasons, among others, i'll rate the way the program is adminis-tered with a big fat S for Shame... please keep in mind that i do not have an ax to grind with anyone and that i left that hospital on good terms...but i do feel that it's my duty to report to other stroke survivors my authentic experience...i would not go back to this particular hospital but in the same breath i would not tell anyone else not to go...a stroke is too serious for me to categorically tell anyone what to do or where to go/not go...i've tried to stick to the basics in this brief summary...if anyone has any particular questions that have not already been addressed please ask me...

i'll continue to blog from the tiantan puhua hospital in beijing...their website is:


sending all my best, richxxx


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Thank you so much for giving honest opinions about your chinese hospital & treatment, though with that kind of bad experience how come youdcided to go to another hospital in china do you think things will be different there?




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dear!...so nice to hear from you!...i think you are correct in pointing out what you did...there are indeed some 'characteristics' in this culture that i'm sure i will bump into again...i'm so much more prepared and informed now...the only reason i'm in this hospital is that i knew it was time to leave tianjin which coincided with another patient i knew who had interviewed in my current hospital and came back with positive comments on what he saw and heard about the stroke rehab...i'm over here now...and the time to get the most fruitful returns are as soon after the stroke as possible...so here i be...tell me how you have been??...i'll blog...best from beijing, richxxx

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Not that I could even fathom heading to China for treatment due to financial and insurance restrictions, but thank you for your honesty in reporting what you have experienced during your stay. I sincerely hope things go better at the new facility for you.

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HI Rich. I'm sorry your experience there is not what you expected. I know you will continue to challenge and do and seek the best you can.


Unfortunately there are Dr's and hospitals EVERYWHERE with unethical people. It is too bad that $$$$ get in the way of principles and ethics. And then of course there are some Dr's who get the "god" complex.


Sincerely hoping the new hospital is better and now you are wiser in your dealings and what therapy you need.


Wishing you the best as always, stay safe and know your friends are thinking of you.




(don't worry.. about duplicates, etc... Donna or one of us will catch them and it will get fixed.)

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hi rich, i am sorry to hear you have not been happy with the results at that facility and its services. you are braver than most to even go out of our country for treatment. i also pray the next place is a better one and you achieve better results. please take care and keep us posted on your progress. i wish you the best.

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hi kim...i think they did try their best, or pretty close to it, in tianjin given certain restraints they had...i don't blame them for the lack of results...my body didn't respond all that well...

but this doesn't mean i still don't have valid criticisms about the hospital which hold true...this current hospital is the last leg leg of my journey...after this, i'm done...i'm looking forward to coming home and realizing my plan to move to the jersey shore very close to the ocean!...

great to read your post...:)

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I am sorry that what you went to achieve didn't really happen. At least you tried. That's all any of us can do. I also appreciate your honesty. Were always looking for promising rehablitation for Rachel. I wish you continued success in your strive for some improvement. We all hope for the same.

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I read the book writen by the lady from Iowa. I also met her when she spoke at a hospital. She had amazing results and takes patients there every three months. Were you with someone from Iowa? Not sure where they went but I could not believe the results she had.

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yes trudy...ruth lycke did indeed have one in a billion recovery results, over 2 years post stroke no less...that's all true...i checked out her claims with some of the doctors in tianjin...no other word than extraordinary applies!...i've never disputed her results...my issue with her entire business is that no one knows better than her that her recovery was literally one in a billion...no one has had anything even close to the results she experienced...she's hawking her results dishonestly by saying that if she recovered, anyone can...this of course catches the attention of any survivor who hears it...too bad for all of us that there's not a shred of truth to it!

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Rich, simply put, you know everyone's stroke is different- the area can be the same but a cm. different and that can make all the difference in the world. Was her stroke in the same area as yours? Was it as extensive? and so many other questions.


OK, I'm crazy but I have come to the conclusion that fate plays a role. If not, can you answer why some people don't make it? Can you understand how some perfectly healthy individual has an accident and the brain injury is what is known as a stroke? Can you explain any of like's happenings? Why do some people develope cancer? They don't really know yet.


I heard a lecture that really made me open my mouth because it was basically what happened to me. There was a group of cancer patients who were told that they only had so long to live. Those that said, ok and accepted became survivors. Of course, if you don't put your faith ain ANY higher being, this will not make sense, but on the other hand, what does fighting it in the wrong way do. Who knows if you wouldn't have had the same results with standard therapy.


There is a new form and it is said that it works. It is expensive but they are getting results. I don't know if that means 100% of those who are doing it or if only 10%. It is the chance one has to take as you did. Basically if you say that what will happen will happen and give it a chance, what are the chances that a person will be in the 10% or the 90%?


Isn't that life in general; we do what we can and take our chances?


Anyway, wherever you are, you know what we say- never give up.

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