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july update!!!!



hi everybody...it's been eventful...i decided to leave tianjin after investigating a hospital in beijing that does stem cell therapy combined with a neuro-cocktail therapy combined with tcm...they have a stroke rehab program...check out 'tiantan puhua hospital'...i'll get the website address and post it asap...i'll give a detailed update on my 6 months at the first teaching hospital for traditional chinese medicine when i get my laptop back in a couple of days...i entered tiantan puhua hospital on july 9...i'll render all the details on what they have to offer also!...sheesh i can't wait to get home!!!!...best to all, richxxx


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hi bonnie!...just reading a response from you makes me feel good...:)...i think i've somehow duplicated many postings...maybe you or steve could correct this if possible??...my laptop is still foreign to me...got a macbook...lol

anyhoo, i send you my best, rxxx

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