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Ways to improve manual dexterity and angiogram of my eyes



I found another way to improve my manual dexterity...shuffling cards - they go flying sometimes and it turns into 52 card pickup - I was cleaning out the computer desk, they were there and I said "hey...I can use those".


I drop coins (from the penny jar) onto different surfaces and practice picking them up (although I've been known to cheat by using the other hand!)


I use those strips they use at the the lab and do finger exercies with them - like cat's cradle and just playing with them. I'll tie two of them together, etc. The nurses in the lab had me show them how I'm using them and pass the information along.


I find constant ways to improve manual dexterity - these are the only ones I can think of right now.


Tomorrow is my angiogram of my eyes...and I am not ashamed to admit I'm scared and anxious.


Hope this helps someone.


Alwsys with hope,



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hey Mystery:


though I can not use your suggestions today but gopefully will be able to use some point later in my life.





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Hiya Mystery,


Great suggestion although I too can not work on that at this point. I try to pet my cat with my bad hand - bless her, she remains patient as Mommy bops her on the head.

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After the stroke, I though I could pick up my Pomeranian b/c he only weighs 7 lbs and I wasn't thinking.. He is a puppy and had gotten on the coffee table...poor guy. I tried to lift him off with my left hand and he fell. I felt so guilty after that!

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