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sleeping too much and retina eye dr.



Ok...had to nap after the dr. visit. Seems I sleep way too much these days - I usually take after my father and get 3-4 hours a night and that's it. Now I'm happy to sleep 24/7.


This dr. was a retina doctor (The next closest one is in Nashville) - he informed me that other than stem cell research, etc., my right eye vision is lost. All they can do is make sure my vision in my left eye doesn't get worse. Ironically, even though I'm depressed b/c he answered all of my questions honestly and I didn't want to hear the answers, there is something in the back of my mind saying "don't give up - they've been wrong before". So now I have to come through some kind of acceptance...apparently it isn't easy for me to just accept stuff like this.


And Sean started a fight ween we got home. Typical...over a statement I made that was sardonic...he thinks it was sarcastic...but I wasn't up to correcting him. I'm a sarcastic person. Period. I will not change after 40 years. It wasn't even related to him or anything he is affiliated with. The man has got problems. He needs to get over it...there are more serious battles in life and if my sarcasm has gotten me this far - I'm using it to cope. It's a part of me and he knew that when we got married.


And I have too many problems to deal with him.


I'm so so tired.


Now I have to accept being more than half blind if I count the other eye.




Today was a day when I fell out of bed, got jerkily to my feet and kept falling. I just thought - it's going to be one of those days huh? No anger or irritation, just knowledge that my body wasn't working so well today and to be careful.


blah, blah, I'm depressing myself.

later gaters,






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Hi "Icy"


People sleep a lot when they "need to get away". Do not worry. Yourbody and brain know when it is best for you to sleep. Listen to them. It is wise to be extra careful when you are having a "clumsy day"


As for your eye problem, your attitude is right; Dr.s have been wrong. The opthamologist I went to last year was older and could understand but he retired, and I got this much younger Dr. (better looking too- guess my sight isn't so bad) but right away, he said he could help me see better with cataract surgery. Please tell me what good not having cataracts will do for an eye that most likely isn't connected to the brain? He didn't see any MRI's etc. and I was there and knew when my eye trouble started. I thought it was an age related problem, not that my stress was building up to a bleed. So I said no - especially since my "good" eye passed the test for getting a drivers license - so good for another year........(must drive for work) so you see, these Dr.s don't know everything.


As for your other half- well...........deal with it as you can. You are you and have always been the same- he is the one with the problem. These things too, have a way of straightening out- one way or another. That too could cause you to sleep.


I wish you'd tell me how you could do with 4 hours. I've had to do that to get to work and it is very hard for me. Ended up sleeping at the computer and felt strange when I woke so hustled right to bed and slept 8 hours; needed that.


Take care; better days are coming.



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hey Mystery:


if you are following l_klakring's blog and her calcified anurysm one thing you can learn from that blog is doctors don't know everything and by listening to their negativisim, you are ruining your today, who says things are going to be the way they r today it got to change and tomorrow is just another new great day.




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