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time marches on

lady k


I have been surprised at how fast time seems to be moving , very often when waiting for something we want it seems to drag it's feet, but this time it keeps on. been packing up for move. today signed lease and paid deposits and rent and got keys. walk through went well, they had redone before last tenant and she only stayed about 2 months . everything is nice. hung shower curtain and unloaded car full, also when got home reloaded another full carload, maybe 2 more to go, have prestaged most, the guys Will bring when get furniture. I am exited for first night, still working out how to get in and out of car, she rides fine but usually have to carry in arms now she is to big and i am one armed. she is a cat that does not like to be held, but does like to be close, she will be good once she is there, but won't really like getting there. she complains loudly every time rides in car. she is a big cat, she has been with me for about 9 years. maybe a pet carrier will work, I think I found one to borrow today, once I get it how to entice her in. the only name she comes to is kitty, or kitty kitty. ignores every other name we tried through the years. always wait for us to say kitty or kitty kitty. oh well, but I get odd looks when say she doesn't have name. guess i could say it's kitty. or miss kitty , snort, more like queen kitty. she is good cat but you can tell she feels superior to all other animals, she chased my daughters German Shepard when she got to close once when she had gone outside, worked good until the Shepard got the Pitt bull, then she ran for the trailer. once get in will have dsl instead of dial up, plus won't have to share. here my daughter and granddaughter both have computers and want to get on internet. i have learned a lot about patience. will let everyone know when I get in. thanks for all the nice comments, and well wishes on my move. :bouncing_off_wall: :dribble: :hug: :hiya:


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How exciting for you Kakii!!! :Clap-Hands: I'm sure you and Miss Kitty will be very happy in your new home. While you're unpacking and getting settled, she'll be busy checking out her new turf or should I say palace as it befits a queen. Crystal adjusted rather quickly, which surprised us as she has not previously adjusted so well in moving. We think it might be a fear of going back into that NASTY carrier and riding in a plane that has her now a social butterfly.


Look forward to hearing about you getting settled.

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Welcome home,


Hope all goes well in the coming weeks and the move is a total success It will add to your peace of mind and state of health being able to think positively. Your DSL will be a big change from dial up when you get on line.

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Glad everything seems to be moving right along. Hopefully the ride isn't too long.. I had one cat that was very VOCAL unless my fingers were in the carrier throught the holes. You want to watch her.. or take her last so the doors won't be open for her to escape when they are moving furniture in..


Looking forward to the update on the move. I know you are so excited to have your own place. :)

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Guest thegoodlife


:forgive_me?: :forgive_me?: :happydance:




Just want to say This is the Best---you r one real woman!!!!!!!!!


Moving into new place and all that comes with it is a feat you will never forget!!!

It's that part of 'moving on' that helps us all even the 'normies'!! Change is always difficult but looks to me that u r doing the fine job at looking at all the 'positives';for that u get :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands:


Can't remember exactly when u were gonna be in but I say 'you go girl!!!!!!


Your bud,



"Always look at what you can do-not what u can't"!!!!!!!

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