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settling in

lady k


I am in the new digs, and am awestruck at how everything came together and looks so good, for everything coming from different directions and not seen together until arriving here. the furniture and even the throw pillows all go together maybe not match as same pattern but same colors, blue green burgandy and all the same hue, I am still getting toired legs from walking around here all day just arranging all the little nicknacs, into new little slots. feels good, to go to bed tired like that. even the kitty seems happy, but keeps going into closets and hiding, then later I open the door and she is ready to get out, oh well we will learn, even last night she woke me p to get into hall closet, where hot water heater and air conditioner is. I guerss it made a noise. she stayed just a short time and luckily wanted out before I dozed off.had lot's off company.


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Glad to hear all is going well in your new "digs" and that kitty is doing well in her investigating and adjusting as well. It's great that everything is all coming together for you.

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Glad you're getting settled. Give the kitty some time. Animals usually adjust to new surroundings pretty fast as long as they get feed and water. Is your kitty a boy or girl? I have a girl kitty that is named Fred. I named her before I knew for sure. LOL



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Happy to hear it is all coming together so well for you. It is a Good tired.:) Kitty will investigate. When I moved my cat spent 3 days under the couch.. coming out to eat and use litter box.. Then.. once I had boxes unpacked and I guess she felt settled she was just fine.



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Lady K,


Glad for your settling in and being content with the new place.




What can I say?>.....A cat named Fred, now Lady K has to name her kitty cat, "King"! Then I'll be remembered on this site for a long time, how cute...I'll send you all a discount coupon for cat food from Walmart. :signthankspin: :coffee: :D

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