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is my kitty a cave lion?

lady k


kitty who won't answer to anything else, sorry Fred, she just walked off when i suggested the name king, now I can't keep her out of the closets, she loves to go in them and hide, thank goodness she is so meticulous, she will not go potty anywhere in the house but her box. according to her she runs things around here. she is even making some friends which is new, my friend carol is one of her favorites, but even my daughter whom she developed a dislike for didn't get the hissing and growling, bu she didn't get loving attention either, i guess everything in it's time. I would say she like the place cave closets especially.


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So Kitty she shall be. Crystal goes through the hiding stages, particularly under the sofa near the wall where Kristi can't reach her. Crystal tires of her "Sissy" swooping her up in her arms like a baby and being carried and swung around LOL. She readily comes out of hiding when she hears, "Crystal want treats?" I do believe Crystal is more than ready for her Sissy's summer vacation to be over.

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Guest lwisman


It is my understanding that cats often do not learn their names. They often do respond to specific tones of voice. I have no idea if Cleo knows her name, but she does call if I use it. But, it may be the tone of my voice, or the fact that it is my voice (she is attached to me). I figure cats names are more for the human than the cat.


Interesting about Crystal. She may be able to tell by the tone of the phrase, or she knows that those specific words produce snacks?


Cats are going to do whatever they want to do anyway. :D

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sounds like kitty has her favorite spot in closets. my cats do react to their names, cheech and chong, brothers of same litter i took in off the streets. they both love getting in my closet on top of a dresser for sleeping and hiding. i have always had cats and i love all of the big cats in the wild. they are very affectionate creatures , big or small, animals are smarter than we give them credit for. so enjoy kitty in the closet, as lin said they are gonna do what they want anyway.

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I agree with Lin. We only named our cats because the Vet needed a name for his records. We once had a cat named Skeezix that would come running whenever we would say "Speak" to our dog because he knew treats were being handed out. He was also leery of the canary our daughter had. He happened to knock the cage down one time and he thought the bird was trying to attack him! lol



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