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tiantan puhua hospital beijing



hi all...this little facility which is connected to the much larger tiantan hospital next door specializes in a neuro-science approach to illnesses such as parkinson's, altzhiemer's, stroke, spinal cord injuries and brain tumors...the big feature that attracted me was the fact that they offer neural stem cell injections...plus a daily 'cocktail' of iv treatments to complement this...these are mostly anti-oxidants and brain vaso-dilators...also they include one tcm treatment per weekday and a minimum of two ot/pt sessions per weekday...my initial attraction was reading on their website that they had a team of neurosurgeons who introduced the stem cells directly into the stroke infarct in the brain where the problem/disability originates...naturally i was excited but also frightened by the prospect of literally having a hole drilled in my skull, albeit a very small one, but this response was laid to rest when i came for an appointment with one of the directors...i was informed that this procedure is no longer done on stroke patients as they felt the risks outweighed the benefits...i was both relieved and disappointed...after kiev, i felt and still feel that if these docs can safely get the stem cells where they are needed...the infarct...that could well be a gigantic leap forward in post stroke treatment...the other hopeful attraction is that they use stem cells here that are already differentiated into neural cells so this treatment will be somewhat different from kiev (their cells were less differentiated from placenta cord blood) ...also introducing them into my cerebrospinal fluid is another new approach to take for me...in kiev i got iv and im injections...

the ot/pt are very good i'm grateful to report...the ot is some of the hardest stuff i've ever had to grapple with but that's the nature of stroke rehab...my therapist (who weighs about 62 pounds!) has a firmly formed take no prisoners approach!...the tcm is more comprehensive and no one's tapping their foot to get to the next patient...(the gods are kind to me)...i'm really disliking having a daily iv inserted into my hand...eeewwwww...but i guess i'm fortunate that the veins on my hands are practically external due to years of working with them in physical ways...i've had no lack of controversies here thusfar...i'll report more very soon...

it feels great to be on the last leg of my time here...i can not wait to get back home as i have formulated some exciting plans to recreate this new phase of my life...sending all my best from beijing, richxxx






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Glad to hear things are going better for you now. Hope treatment continues going well. I saw eeeewwwww to needles as well lol; plus I swear my veins try to hide from them (they wiggle and roll alot). Looking forward to the next update.

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Glad things are going better in the OT/PT . Can't they put in an IV port with a heparin lock so they don't have to stick you every day?


What is a tcm treatment? The cerebrospinal fluid injections sound a bit "scarey"


As always wishing you the very best, I know you are working hard.. Stay safe, and keep up the good work.



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hi bonnie...hoping this mail finds you very well and enjoying your summer!...the iv port always managed to move during the night when i slept (old habit of rolling all over the bed)...plus it reminds me of when i had that duodenal bleed last year and i had a port in each hand...oooh that's not a pretty memory...lol...tcm is traditional chinese medicine usually comprised, but not limited to, of acupuncture, tuina massage, and herbs...yeah someone puncturing my lower lumbar area with a needle didn't thrill me either...but they numb the area first with local anaesthesia and the whole procedure takes about 20 minutes...i've had two stem cell injections with my third coming up this week...the protocol calls for a total of 4 shots...will keep posting...i'm so done with being in hospitals for the last 8 months...there's a new american medical doctor here with parkinson's...can't wait to hear his take on stem cell therapy...

otherwise i've discovered two american diners over here (banana pancakes never tasted so damn good) and a fun shopping mall that custom makes everything from shoes to shirts...(i have honed the art of bargaining to a science)...both are offering direly needed sustenance for me!...i really need to get the hell home as i've only recently discovered how beautiful contemporary chinese art is...the numerous galleries are indeed places of beauty...help!!!! :)

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Good to hear from you, You sound so good.. upbeat. Glad you found some American food..lol


Glad the injections are going well. Hope the best fro the American Dr you met also.


I bet you are having fun bargening..lol.. Remember ... you have to get this stuff home..


I used to do "BUNKA" I believe it is Japanese .. it is a type of embroidery.


Have fun, stay safe and as always wishing you well and continued improvements.


Oh yes, we are having a pretty good summer.. I got to meet Asha last Saturday.. a brief but very special visit.



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hi rich, good to hear from you and i'm happy things are going better for you there. i bet you are anxious to get home. sounds like your enjoying the pancakes and shopping. be safe and well and keep us posted. wishing you continued success.

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