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chocolate, chocolate EVERYWHERE!!!! LOL



Another week has cruised by in our world. Fairly uneventful until Saturday afternoon, that is. Kristi decided to bake a cake (her first one) outside of the childhood Easy Bake Oven varieties. I was asked to assist and thought ok, this will be easier - less mess than if I tackled it myself (I normally wear batter very nicely).


After she had the mix in the bowl, she realized we had no vegetable oil (one item we forgot as we were setting up new kitchen). She covered the bowl and walked to the local convenience store to purchase the oil.


As she placed all in the bowl, I felt it was a good idea to try out my handy dandy kitchen tool my Aunt had sent over - battery operated one beater (or wisk) hand held mixer (same concept as the one-handed can opener we both love. It worked ok but tended to get bogged down in the batter a bit. The problem came when trying to release the beater.


What was the problem you ask :Ask: There ain't no release button, just the on/off switch. My dear daughter switched it on while holding the unit out of the batter. You're already laughing :roflmao: I can tell :silly: . We were both covered in chocolate splatters. After a good laugh and quick clean up, Kristi proceeded to pour the batter into the baking dish. This is where I always experience the most difficulty so I thought good, this willl be a cinch for her to do. No sooner did I think that and plop, the mixing bowl was in the batter in the baking dish. Again, chocolate everywhere.


Amazingly enough, there WAS enough batter remaining and the cake turned out pretty darn good and all chocolate splatters were removed from us and the kitchen counter, floor, etc.


Crystal was smart and watched the experience from the diningroom chair so she didn't wear any batter.


This week will bring Kristi's 15th birthday; Auntie and cousins are planniing a surprise birthday party for her. She registers for school this week as well. I got her a backpack from ebags.com. They carry Jansports and had one make on sale for a great price. With a click of a few buttons, also got her birthday presents from Amazon.com. One gift has arrived - not sure if others will before her birthday or not.


Nothing else to report from the wacky world of chocolate alias my kitchen.


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Guest lwisman


Thanks for the laugh Donna. Appreciated it on Monday morning.


We have one of those hand mixer things too. I don't much like it, but my sister does. I finally broke down and bought a stand alone mixer (hint 4 1/2 cup is significantly less in price than 5 cup.) I really like it. I don't have an affected side, but do have a weak side and am really messy in the kitchen sometimes. With the standalone I can put things into the bowl and start it and walk away, no hands needed. It also has a stir function which means you don't have to stir things in at the end, like nuts. Just put them in the mixer and turn on stir for 30 seconds. Can't beat it.


I buy through Amazon online all the time. Most things are no postage is your order is over $25 and no tax since I don't live in Washington State. Anyway, I think they are one of the best places to buy from online. When I have done comparison shopping they are often the cheapest also.


Hope Kristi has a great birthday. It is great she will have a surprise party. Your family seems to be turning out really helpful.


Crystal was smart to stay away from the kitchen. Cats have an innate sense about these things. In this way they may be smarter than humans! I did do a major clean of Cleo's litter box this morning. Hope she appreciates it!


This morning I am using up the old bananas and making banana bread. I will think of you when I have the mixer going!

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oh donna dear, how funny to read 1st thing today. i bet you 2 were a sight. crystal was smart to stay out of the line of fire, although she probably would have enjoyed a lick or two. we all have to learn someday,huh and its always better when mom is around. i'm glad the cake turned out ok. it tasted better i bet because all of the fun put in to making it. i hope kristi has a great birthday party with the family. enjoy yourselves. keep us posted on any new and funny events happening in your new life in pa.

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your blog entry brought big smile on my face, looks like you both are having grand time in PA.tell Kristi Happy Birthday from all of us here at strokenet, & tell her to update us about her life in the blogs.




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