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GREAT week for the most part



This past week contained Kristi's 15th Birthday. Seems hard to believe my baby is a year closer to being an adult. As planned, we went to Aunt Char's for surprise birthday party. Darlene (cousin) picked us up and her sister (Lisa) took us home at the end of the evening.


It was great getting to see Aunt Char. We had not been together face-to-face for 14 years. Hugs and happy tears abounded. Darlene couldn't get to the camera to catch it on film. We were an interesting site - 2 women, in wheelchairs hugging and crying. I was able to "park" my chair and walk in and out of the house as well as inside. Just had to be careful not to get caught up in oxygen tubing as Auntie is on O2 24 x 7. She did remove the tubing for pics though.


Once Lisa and her crew arrived (hubby and daughters), the fun really started. We had never met Chuck, Lisa's hubby. He is definitely the life of a party. For about the first 15 minutes he was shy - then heck broke loose. He loves to tease and Kristi was appointed as #1 she was Birthday Girl and #2 he had a new "victim". At first, Kristi was unsure of him but soon "dished" it back to her cousin's stepdad LOL.


We ate dinner that Darlene fixed - spaghetti - yummy - then later had cake and ice cream after presents.


Kristi received a compact stereo system, headphones, walkman, cd case, photo frames among other things. I was able to get her a necklace and cd from Amazon.com.


At the end of the evening, I was definitely pooped.


When we returned home, there was a gift from my niece and her daughters (a stuffed turtle) from Build-a-Bear Workshop dressed as a Doctor in scrubs and a medical kit (for the future vet). My Brother had left her a birthday voice message.


We were to receive our designated bedroom furniture on Friday (17th); however, plans got messed up - now it is to be Tuesday. My Bro called today on his way back from his trip and was not happy that the furniture did not get delivered as was planned.


Kristi got registered for school - school starts on the 30th of August. She's registered for all accelerated classes based on her AZ transcript. As of now, it looks like she may have to walk or take public transportation as we live within 2 miles of the school.


The remainder of the week was fairly quiet.


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Guest lwisman




Sounds like you had a great party. Congrats to both of you!!


Thanks for the photos.


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Hi Donna,


Wish Kristi a belated Happy Birthday. I lived through 4 15th birthdays. Believe it or not, I miss those days. :lol: Kristi is very lucky to have you for her Mom.



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I am so happy you all are having great time in east coast & celebrated great birthday for Kristi I m too excited about your new furniture & kristi's new school or school is going to begin on Sept 5




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donna, the pictures are great and it sounds like the party was a smash. looks like kristi raked in the goodies. if chuck is the one with kristi in the picture he looks like he is having fun, kristi doesn't look to sure though. i'm glad you all are settling in well except for the ac, but i envy you getting to enjoy the autumn season, i really miss that. the colors are so pretty and the temps cool down. as you know phoenix doesn't really have a fall season to speak of, not like up north. anyway, i hope kristi doesn't have to walk to school, thats a long walk. she"s a smart girl and the 2 of you will figure something out. i bet she's getting anxious now for school to start. yes our babies grow up way to fast. you both are a great team, a great mom and child. keep us posted on how school goes. stay safe and well.

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